Tales From The Borderlands: Zer0 Sum Review I Hey Poor Player

Hey Poor Player's Francis DiPersio writes- When Tales from the Borderlands was first announced it was easy to feel a bit skeptical as to whether or not Telltale Games could deliver as far as spinning a yarn as grand as The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us. Don’t get me wrong; while the Borderlands titles have always featured some enjoyable writing, the narrative itself is usually buried under mountains of bullet-riddled bodies and shimmering loot. In the dangerous, bandit-filled wastelands of Pandora, the story has always taken backseat to wholesale destruction, the pursuit of bigger, badder guns and even bigger, badder psychopaths to blast into mountains of twitching meat.

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MrZweistein1390d ago

Played the first episode this morning and laughed my ass of. Some hilarious moments in there. A must play for Borderlands fans.

dead_pixels1389d ago

This episode clocks in at roughly 2.5 hours.

BX811389d ago

K thanks might give it a try