Are Video Games Ready for a Digital Future?

Jordan says, "I love pre-loading big games like NBA 2K15 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare onto my console, and I absolutely love the fact that games unlock at 11:00 CT with no installation to wait on. At the same time, I love getting games for sale at my local stores, and I love being able to trade-in games that I will never go back to again. The question is, which one is better?"

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Ezz20131395d ago

NO...Nope... Nee ...Нет ...

We are way too early for Digital future

Massacred1395d ago

Most people I know far and away prefer physical games.

Collecting them, swapping them, finding them in storage or old boxes.

You as a consumer have more rights and control, not a chance I would go for digital games.

darthv721395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The only system this gen to still let you play from the disc is the wii-u. Sony and MS could have done the same thing but they had other reasons to make games install.

Neither has ever publicly stated why they went that route but we are led to believe its due to stress on the drive and the load times (and DRM). Installs should have been an option for physical releases.

Iamnemesis48801394d ago

Well wont work for myself my internet speed took 16 hours to download the 15 patch for the MCC. So most games you load from disc is from 22 to 50 gigs so a load of 50 gigs for me is 3 days non stop.

WackoDaSniper1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Yes we are closer.
Don't want to lose trade ins going digital? Don't buy crap games.
My ps4 is all digital and its convinient and fast. No storage for cases or scratches. My 1TB HDD is only have full from a ton of games.
As for my Wii U, disc all the way. I can't go digital on nintendo it's just not right and I love nintendo games and their cases.

kayoss1395d ago

Don't buy crap games? Let say I didn't buy "crap games" . All I bought were high rated games. Do you think your hard drive will never run out of space? As this generation mature game size will get bigger. Let say you upgraded to a 2 tb hard drive. Do you really think it will magically increase in size as time goes on?
Here's a news flash for you buddy, a lot of people resale there games, and guess what a lot of those games that being resold are not "crap games". I've seen games like the last of us, halo, mass effect, etc resold after a month of their releases.
"No storage cases or scratches." Have you heard of of hard drive corruption. It's not a myth, it actually exist.

Fullmetalevolust1395d ago

I, personally, am not ready to go all digital yet.
I like holding and having physical releases in my hands (hey, watch it!)
If the cloud was competent enough to hold games in storage and if we were given tons of TBs for storage then yes.
It's too much of a hassle to have storage all over the place as it is. I still prefer physical releases.
The only time I will accept digital is if a game is niche and they're still going out of their ways to release it to the west/Europe.

Massacred1395d ago

Nothing quite like having a bookcase filled to the brim with games

ZombieStalker1395d ago

No where near ready! Hard drives are still too small, downloads at too large (and will get larger) and the majority of the US does not have Internet connections that can support those large downloads. Physical games are not going anywhere for a long time!

kalkano1395d ago

As long as DRM exists, no.

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