Editorial: Is The Console War Really A Two-Horse Race?

When you hear journalists talk about the current console war, Nintendo's Wii U is often ignored; at best, it's an afterthought. Is this really fair?

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AKR1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

There was someone who made an interesting statement; I can't remember who it was, and I can't directly quote what they said - But he was basically saying that Nintendo is only relevant in the eyes of the journalists when they're losing money. Other than that, you never hear zip.

For instance; Wii U's have been selling like crazy the past few days, with all the sales that's been going on - in store after store. But, do you see ANY major news outlet covering this? No, of course not.

Nintendo realized the "unwanted step-child" treatment they were getting a little while ago; thus the reason why they started doing Nintendo Directs - also the reason why they've ceased doing live presentations at E3 (at least for now).

The Wii and DS sold the most last-gen, yet, the conversation was still mainly about 360 and PS3. Why is that? I can't really say for sure. Mabybe it's this weird perception that PS and XBOX are for "mature" gamers - and naturally, that's where the news should be focused on. Nintendo has been continuously releasing amazing "kiddy" titles that tend to score higher than most of these "mature" titles for quite some time now. Once again, news that goes unheard of.

In the end; sales are still being made, and Nintendo is actually making a profit off of their hardware and software - which is the reason why they're still in the console business almost 30 years later. Their IPs single-handedly keep them afloat, with no real signs of true fatigue; say that about FIFA, Madden, CoD or Assassin's Creed. As long as Nintendo keeps time-and-again, re-inventing the conventions of the industry and setting the quality bar higher; they'll always be "relevant". Don't believe me? Ask the 3DS how much butt it's whooping right now, or look at just a FEW of the scores for the top-tier Wii U games.

Call me a grade-A fanboy or whatever; but this is just my opinion.

Jason_Plays_PC1325d ago

Well the wii-u is certainly going to sell the least of the three..If you went into a bookmakers to bet on it they wouldn't even be taking bets on it. Its definitely the 3rd party support that will have nintendos wii-u as the 3rd best selling console imo as i think their 1st party is great but across Pc-ps4-x1 offer alot more games that are just not on nintendos console. Nintendo really have to sort out their 3rd party situation with their next console..They have got to be planning something?

mikeslemonade1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

The Wii was more ignored in debates since it didn't appeal to the debaters in terms of the games that were offered. It was just implied and people conceded that Nintendo won last generation, but by going for a different demographic.

As for this generation there is no race. X1 cannot keep dropping price, and even when it does the PS4 still beats it easily Worldwide. Not a single week since launch as the X1 outsold the PS4. And that trend will continue. And many claim PS4 has "no games", but when they do have games then it will snowball even more.

Drithe1324d ago

Nintendo is easily the best console in terms of sheer amount of awesome games to play. Sony is second and Xbox is 3rd. But if Sony doesnt hurry up and get some great games on the PS4 they will be in 3rd place. The ONLY reason I even have a ps4 is because of Destiny .... the greatest FPS of all time.

But I have a Wii U that I can play tons of great games for the main system itself, all the old games from older consoles, and not to mention, now I can play GBA games on it. Just cant beat it for what it is giving you.

Getting that Zelda game for free just for buying Mario Kart was freaking awesome.

End of line.

medman1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Are people really this daft?? The Wii U has been out considerably longer than either the ps4 or xbone, so comparing "sheer amount of awesome games to play" is asinine, and that's being kind. It wasn't that long ago (Six months ago, actually) that gamers were wondering where the games for Wii U were. Wake up. " But if Sony doesnt hurry up and get some great games on the PS4 they will be in 3rd place. The ONLY reason I even have a ps4 is because of Destiny .... the greatest FPS of all time." The only excuse for a post like this person made is if he/she is in diapers. Other than that, it's unacceptable on every level.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1324d ago

oh right like how it didn't make a different when
PS1, PS2 and X360 launched first

Agent_hitman1324d ago

I don't know about you guys but I still believe that the Console wars is still a Three-Horse race, including the Wii U.

LeCreuset1324d ago

It probably doesn't help that it's so hard to find a good sale on 1st party titles for a console so reliant on its 1st party lineup.

Bathyj1324d ago

To be honest, it's more like one.

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