101 facts about Fallout 3

Following some time with the latest build of Fallout 3, gameplayer has written an extensive article detailing all the things they learnt about the game, from smaller details though to massive gameplay features. Essential reading for fans.

"This week we spent over three hours with the game and its executive producer Pete Hines. We saw the game's intro, the inside of Vault 101, the combat, the conversation system and we took those first steps out into the apocalyptic Washington DS of the far future. We experienced characters of different levels, from rookie biatch through to power-suit, mini-gun carrying combat God. We completed quests, betrayed whole towns and watched our faithful canine companion bite it. We saw something special. Here are more facts than you could possibly count that we gleaned from the experience."

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Swiftfox3817d ago

The origanal design of this game was like Diablo's was it not?

When they ask the developers why they changed it they said "to keep things fresh and interesting so it doesn't become stail"

However, they are using the same design for the game as Oblivion and Morrowind. The only difference is the Fallout setting. How is that doing something different?

I wasn't big into PC when the series first released, I didn't care to much for Oblivion either but I may give this a try. If only to make my own judgments on it.

SlappingOysters3817d ago

I guess the question is, if they had teh technology to make an Oblivion like world when they made the first Fallout... or if that was the typical genre of the time (as opposed to how diablo had just come out)... then would they have?


Swiftfox3817d ago

An excellent question. Current tech gives you more open doors than ever before. However, since this is not in conjunction with previous developers, and the current developers knowing how popular Oblivions play was, I think we are looking at a similar experience to Oblivion.

If the origanal development team had access to this and current tech we would be looking at a far different game, for better or worse.

SlappingOysters3817d ago

I wonder how an isometric view would go down with today's crowd. I mean Fallout 3 needs to appeal to more than just the veterans to be worth making in today's climate and I don't know if all the younguns weened on Halo and Oblivion would enjoy the old-school isometric view. When was the last isometric view game on a console. I can think of Killzone: Liberation of PSP...

Ninja Gaiden, would you call that Isometric or just fixed camera?

Papacharinonanadan3816d ago

I hate fixed camera anything. You have to be able to look around these awesome worlds.

Isometric is as dead as point & click

Relcom3816d ago

Diablo says otherwise

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SlappingOysters3817d ago

are you serious? Dude, you must be the poster boy for the ADD Generation

vickers5003817d ago

They have only a couple of things on each page. At the most, it should be like 4 or 5, but instead its only like a couple of facts on one page, thats 8 pages long. 8 pages is not required for 101 facts. It's as if basically the writer of the article created it like this, 1fact,2fact,3fact, skip page, 4,5,6, skip page, 7,8,9 skip page. Its really not necassary, as they had plenty of extra room to put a lot of info on one page instead of what they did which is a little bit of info on 8 pages.

I think they're just looking for advertisement dollars. And maybe part of it is because I'm lazy, but 8 is still way too many for something with that little content.

SlappingOysters3817d ago

doesn't bother me. Page lengths are always the same there. bout 600 words.

Just go to page 6 if you want the quick and nasty, it goes point form from there, but doesn't give you the detailed analysis of the earlier pages which focus on the bigger things.

dnf273817d ago

I've got nothing better to do with my time. I'm going to go through all 8 pages and then go back from 8 to 1. Seriously though, yeah, could have been a few less pages but I think the pagination is OK. I've seen a lot, lot, worse. So wish I could name names. Australian tech website, starts with Smart, ends with... I'll shut up now.

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SlappingOysters3816d ago

Bit of a toss up for me.

I thought Bethesda did a damn fine job porting the PS3 version of Oblivion over, at a time when every other developer couldn't do it to save their lives.

Could be the PS3 version of this is better and with no multiplayer (which would push me to X360)...

Papacharinonanadan3816d ago

I don't care what the old school are saying, this concept doesn't sound too bad to me!

McPerson3816d ago

This game is looking more and more like 'the balls' every time I read something about it. Come out already

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