Wii U Was A Better Console For Third-Party Games

Forbes writes:"Last year I played Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on Wii U. I hadn’t liked any of the earlier games in the series but it was new, and in the world of videogames newness is easily confused for worth, creating its own micro-culture of consumer cartographers attempting to divine their way between through the two collapsed poles. Expecting little from Black Flag, and having been preconditioned to expect even less from Nintendo ’s underpowered gimmick console, I was surprised to discover how much the touchscreen controller added to my experience, something I found myself missing while playing this year’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity."

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Concertoine1358d ago

It improved some games like Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham City, etc, but the problem is the technical performance of the games. If it has bad pop-in and framerate, what good does the gamepad stuff do?

AKR1358d ago

And those issues fall in the laps of the developers; not the system. Look at NFS: Most Wanted U - now THAT is how you do a port, entirely.

Metallox1358d ago

Which it didn't sell enough. Not sure why though, it is literally the best, technically, third party game available on Wii U.

Again, I really don't know why. It sold even worse than other ports that came late, like Mass Effect 3 and Arkham City.

Concertoine1358d ago


Because it was 6 months late. Also have you played Deus Ex? It's the best in my opinion. That game is perfect for the gamepad.

breakpad1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

NO it wasnt ..nintendo with their tactic to sell (cheap for them-expensive for us) underpowered machines , they keep a lot o third IPs behind...take for example Bayonnetta and MonHun...these games could have let us speechless with their presentation if they were released for new gen(having in mind the extremely talented devs behind them ), but no they ve been released for lame WiiU and even worse MH4 for the 3ds (the most underpowered moneygrabbing handheld ever)while Vita was so eager for it(and so powerfull) that was made specifically to host MohHou types of games ...i m happy that Wiiu sales are in downfall they deserve it ..people are not idiots to buy again and again a gimmick machine to play only Mario and Zelda

mydyingparadiselost1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

@ breakpad
You literally have no idea what you're talking about. The specs may not be what the PS4/XOne are but the price isn't in the specs so much as it is the tech in the gamepad. They didn't make cheap for them & expensive for us hardware, they just spread the money across multiple facets of the console. If you want to talk about cost then look at how much you'll spend on Live/+ over the course of those 2 consoles lives.
Also, you just complained about Nintendo's console only having Mario and Zelda, and in the SAME STATEMENT complained about them having games that aren't Mario and Zelda that you want. Just get over it, if you want to play them so bad go buy a WiiU, it's not like they're too ugly to play or anything...

1357d ago
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Benjaminkno1358d ago

Rayman on WiiU is still top notch.

I think Nintendo also has the best CoD experience. It's a shame that the community isn't there.

kwandar1357d ago

I'd buy CoD (which I haven't played before) for the Wii U in a heartbeat if they'd put it on the damn Eshop!

I don't want any more disks, it costs Activision a LOT more to deliver through retail channels, yet Activision still hasn't got its act together to deliver through Eshop.

DigitalRaptor1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

For certain games it was, actually: Rayman Legends, Deux Ex, Need For Speed.

But…. that doesn't excuse the fact that having just a few better performing games still means the console is missing out on the vast majority of the great third party multiplatform titles. That's why it will always be my favourite secondary console this gen.

Reggie talks about wanting these third parties on their console, but doesn't follow through with good enough action.

Summons751358d ago

It's true, if developers and more so publishers weren't so afraid of the gamepad and all the possibilities it can bring to a game third party games could have a lot of potential. There are a bunch of 3rd party games that did do very well. Deus Ex was the definitive edition of the game, NFS Most Wanted was amazing on the WiiU, Rayman Legends was tailor made for the WiiU and as much as I dislike the game Call of Duty had the best Local Multiplayer out of the other versions. But EA though behind the WiiU at first for some reason went anti-nintendo and all the unnecessary WiiU hate the first year and a half pushed devs and publishers away.

Spikeantestor1358d ago

...than the Wonderswan Color.

Just helping you finish your sentence there.

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