Greenberg: "Huge Plans"& More Exclusives for Xbox One Next Year

Things seem to be going quite well for Xbox One in this heated Black Friday, with several reports of sold out shipments for the console at local stores, and the atmosphere seems very positive at Microsoft, with Xbox’s head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg promising great things for next year.

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christocolus1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Huge plans? More Exclusives? now that's what i wanna keep hearing...big AA titles all over the place.I guess Nadella will be opening that cheque book once again and with Phil Spencer,Phil Harrison and Ken lobb at the helm ,im certain Ms 1st party studios and partners will produce some amazing titles.

Cant wait to see what Ms has planned for fans in 2015. It seems there will be an event in January and hopefully we will finally get to see Scalebound, Halo5 sp,TR, Gears4. Phantum Dust, Crackdown and whatever Rare has cooking.

2015 will be a great year indeed.

freshslicepizza1238d ago

thats good but...

they need to spread out the titles more. i find it interesting the industry harps on sony for not having a big line-up right now yet they had a pretty decent release schedule for this year but it was spread out more and 2015 looks to have much more. meanwhile what does the xbox one have planned for the first half of next year? compressing everything into two months is exciting right now but what about the rest of the year?

i like the focus back on games and phil has done a great job at that but id still like to see more commitment into new ips that remain exclusive and not just smaller indie type games.

nicksetzer11238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

At the very least fable, ori and screamride are all coming first half of the year, halo 5,tomb raider and quantum are coming second half. Seems pretty spread out IMO, but that doesn't even include whatever special things greenberg may be referring to. Not to mention all the 3rd party games. Really exciting year for gaming all around really.

poppinslops1238d ago

Below and the State of Decay remaster will also be out sometime in the first half of 2015...

Hercules1891238d ago

FH2 was announced 2mnths before it came out. I'm sure they can do a surprise a VGA and drop a huge game in spring.

zeuanimals1237d ago


Ori is in the same ballpark as a lot of the indie games that people disregarded on the PS4 like Transistor, Don't Starve, etc. Sure, it's not indie in that it's published by MS, but the studio describes themselves as an indie studio and the game has an aesthetic and "feel" similar to other indie games.

I'm not sure about Screamride but I'm willing to try it out since I loved the Rollercoaster Tycoon games, but if that's all there is (including Fable of course), then it is pretty badly spread out. I'm 100% positive there's gonna be more that we haven't heard about for next year but you have to admit that's a pretty weak first half if there somehow was nothing else.

Army_of_Darkness1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

More xbone exclusives?? Is he trying to hint to us that they are gonna be paying for more 3rd party timed- exclusive titles??

nicksetzer11237d ago

@zeuanimals I never said anything about PS4 in my comment. I was simply listing microsoft exclusive games announced so far. Being that Ori is an MS published game I added it. Also beijg published by MS is is not an indie game.

mikeslemonade1237d ago

Halo is nay
Fable is nay
Gears is nay
Phantom Dust is yay
Scalebound is yay
Crackdown is yay
Rare Game is yay
Ori is yay
Tomb Raider is yay
Quantman Break is yay

GameNameFame1237d ago

And stop with timed exclusives.

Most launch x1 exclusives are on PC. Even sunset overdrive was leaked for PC.

Tomb raider was confirmed to be timed for only few months.

VegasDawg1237d ago

I think Gears is 2016 but the X1 already has a lot coming 2015.

@moldybread-Did you really just say to many games not spread out enough?If you truly want less games just buy less it's very easy, just as easy as closing your eyes. Sounds like excuses, X1 has many titles slated for 2015, we don't know what you're talking about.

LonDonE1237d ago

Agreed i think the fact that Sony has really up their game and is so far dominating, but that doesn't mean the xbox 1 and Microsoft are not doing well! the x1 is still selling very well when compared to last gen consoles.

Also i think its good that Microsoft realised that Sony was destroying them and so changed tactics to fight back, both companies fighting it out for the consumers is always good for us as gamers.

Thing is i want Microsoft to not only give us lots of exclusives in year 1,2,3 and 4 but i want them to support the console all the way up to the end of the generation and beyond like Sony has always done.

Being a core gamer who always buys every platform every generation, in the past generations i have seen Microsoft always start strong with regards to games! but then a few years in and it just goes dead, and all we get are sequels rinse and repeat.
Where as Sony is constantly releasing new ip games and the sequels together, also Sony consoles always have a varied library of games.

So far i am LOVING MY XBOX ONE! i love my PS4 and WiiU too, but easily so far this gen i have spent the most time on my X1 but that's mainly because i prefer the o.s, and media functions which at the moment the PS4 is lacking in.
DLNA and MKV playback is just AWESOME!!! and i hope the PS4 can one day have these features, but i doubt MKV playback will make the cut due to piracy of movies which Sony makes allot of.

I just LOVE games, and love all 3 consoles this gen, i just wish nintendo too would stop being so stubborn and make the changes needed to get units selling!! the current price of wii u is too expensive compared to PS4/X1! i think the Wiiu with a pro controller in every bundle priced at £149 and £199 would be awesome!
At its current price consumers just dont see that its worth the price considering your essentially just getting a slightly beefed up xbox 360 with the game pad.

Either way i am so exited to see what Microsoft and Sony release in year 2 and beyond.
I have been playing Halo 4 on the master chief collection at native 1080p 60fps and the game looks and feels stunning! its hard to believe that it was a 360 game.
So Halo 5 should easily be native 1080p 60fps since they are using a engine built for the X1 strengths and i am sure Microsoft will use it to show all the doubters that the X1 is powerful but just difficult to master!

thelwebb1001237d ago

Sony didn't spread out any exclusive games this year, they barely had anything other than Infamous Second Son and LBP3.

zeuanimals1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )


The reason why I talked about the PS4 is because everyone has a problem with the PS4's lineup this year even though it's very similar to the XBO's next year, which you apparently don't have a problem with and feel is spread out. The XBO does have big games at the end of the year but there's still some issues that could be raised about the first half of the year, if people want to be consistent.

Everyone wants to not count a bunch of games on the PS4, but they'll count Ori and Screamride.

As for them being published by MS, Escape Plan, Pixel Junk Ultimate, Entwined, and Hohokum were all published by Sony, but nobody wants to count them.

LonDonE1237d ago

Dude come on man use your common sense its year one of newly launched consoles! every gen for the last 30 years has had this problem near enough!
The first year of any new console is always slow, new games, new ips etc take some time.

But judging on past generation when it comes to games without a single shadow of a doubt i know 150% that when it comes to games/new ips Sony will deliver, they always have and always will! its Microsoft who has to prove that they will support the console beyond the first few years and through the whole generation and beyond!!!

If we analyse the past anyone who isn't a fan boy can see that historically speaking Microsoft has always dropped support very quickly compared to Sony or nintendo! this is fact.
Like it or lump it, but when comparing previous generations i feel this gen in particular for year one of newly launched consoles i say we had plenty to play! yes maybe first party exclusive content wasn't very strong but this is normal for year 1.

Next year and beyond i know Sony will bring the big guns, and i know ms will bring it too, i just want ms to bring it for the whole of the generation instead of just the beginning!

Automatic791237d ago


Ori blind forest, screamride, State of Decay, fable legends, below and D4 continue the onslaught of games not to mention

We just heard of Infinity Blade, we know about Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Halo Guardians, possibly a New Forza, Smite, Dungeons and Dragons never winter, Psycho Pass, Inside, Crackdown, Phantom Dust,Scalebound, Super hot, plus a lot more. Just because they are focused on this year does not mean that we won't get anymore games for 2015.

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lifeisgamesok1238d ago

Yes more amazing exclusives

And we haven't even seen Scalebound, Crackdown, Gears, or Phantom Dust yet

Mind blown!

DigitalRaptor1237d ago

If Microsoft have already announced Scalebound, Crackdown, Gears and Phantom Dust and none of those games are coming until 2016, what makes you think that they will announce more and that they will be coming in 2015 - aside from annual games like Forza?

They have already packed their holiday season with games that should be in the first 6 months of the year, and you think they will have more? Greenberg the sleazeball is on another PR trek, trying to get gullible and loyal people hyped by lying.

medman1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

As a gamer that has owned multiple consoles over many generations, and currently owns a ps4, 360, and ps3 with a wii u coming in 2015 and probably an xbone when the redesigned slim becomes available or when quantum break launches....I've noticed a disturbing trend, and it may come down to Sony and Nintendo being Japanese companies and Microsoft based in the USA....I've noticed Microsoft talks, and talks, and talks...they talk far too much, and need to deliver more. There is far too much bluster from Microsoft execs..they need to have one guy talk, and that should be Phil Spencer. The rest of them should shut up and fall in line. "Huge plans" means absolutely nothing to me, not when I can look at what Sony and Nintendo have announced for 2015 and be impressed because their lists are already quite lengthy and diverse, and by comparison Microsoft has only announced a few titles I'm looking forward to. Produce more and talk less.

nicksetzer11238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Your personal lack of interest doesn't mean there is lack of content. They have games of almost every genre already out and or coming soon. Ori, fable legends, halo 5, tomb raider, quantum, screamride are already announced 2015 and this article is saying even more are coming in addition.

Also, sony and nintendo most certainly do a fair amount of talking themselves, ignoring that they do doesn't change that.

Svinya1238d ago

Yes, MS talks and talks....

But.....they just delivered. Were you asleep for the entirety of October and November? Forza? Sunset Overdrive? Halo?

Christopher1238d ago

@Svinya: They delivered in two months what they should have spread out over 6 instead of having some very lackluster months beforehand.

I kind of agree with medman, but I think it's an American marketing thing. Many SEA (read: Americans working for Sony) talk way too much rather than just delivering.

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n4rc1237d ago

People read way too much into things..

A guy has a twitter account.. Its not like they called a press conference or started a new ad campaign.. So many things get so overblown anytime they answer a question.

Somebody asks about games for next year.. They give a standard answer wed all expect.. Somebody then writes an article about a simple tweet and others then complain they talk too much..

And I haven't even read the damn article yet already know exactly how it goes because its always the same crap

Its ridiculous what passes for news these days..

Ausbo1237d ago

I don't understand. Sony has done more talking than Microsoft so far this gen. I emphasize "so far". Sony has thrown little jabs at MS in commercials, and at conferences. MS hasn't. Sony has talked sales (understandably) more than MS at conferences. Sony hasn't delievered the games yet. They will in 2015 though. 2014 was a dry year for them on the exclusive side.

xx4xx1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Get an actual Xbox One....then tell me it doesn't deliver.

Kinetic voice commands changed how you interact with your console and tv. It rocks.

Exclusive franchises will always be a matter of personal preference, but the ones I played on X1 have been great. More AAA exclusives on the way. I personally don't care if Microsoft develops them (Gears, Halo) or they simply open their never ending wallet (Tomb Raider, Sunset).

Also, since launch, Microsoft has had monthly updates.... nice improvements. On their website there is voting area where gamers can request improvements. .. and then they incorporate them.

So really not sure what Microsoft could do 'to deliver' for you. My guess is nothing would ever be enough.

Petebloodyonion1237d ago

It's funny that you mentioned MS talk a lot compared to Sony cause I couls dwaer that It's Sony's forte right now to annouce a game and delayed it. It seem they have a good track reccord since the ps4 with the talking about upcoming game and not having actual games.

Spid3r61237d ago

Are you serious...they have havent talk much they have just delivered. All the hype the PS4 has received and all the talk with the low blows toward MS. Meanwhile Phil has praised Sony for the effort. Sony has alway promised greatnes awaits I guarantee that most of the games in question will be pushed back to 2016 including Uncharted.

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CaptainObvious8781237d ago

I hope that means they're investing in their own studios instead of money hatting 3rd party content.

Eejanaika1237d ago

That wont stop since all companies are doing that now days.

Letthewookiewin1237d ago

Lol! "Hey guys theres girls at my party I promise".

christocolus1237d ago

why are you in every xbox article. always trying to downplay stuff or put some negative spin on anything positive regarding xbox? i've seen some comments of yours and its great to see sony doing extremely well but why constantly troll xbox? you never have anything meaningful to say and you claim to have just one console and nothing else (and i'm assuming its a ps4) but yet you're in almost every xbox article talking crap..

its really weird.

Chevalier1237d ago


Wait so Ori published by MS is NOT an indie? Yet most of you guys consider games like Journey, Fat Princess etc published by Sony 'indies'?! Ori is an indie game no different then Braid which was an indie game published by MS.

showtimefolks1237d ago

Greenberg all I remember about you is all the trash talking last gen. It's executives like these who give Xbox brand a bad image. Only Phil spencer should talk about anything Xbox. We as fans can relate to him much better


2014 was a very good year, Sony domnaited while ms recovered somewhat. Games wise as a Sony fan I can admit that ms delivered better games fall 2014. But ps4 is still selling gangbusters.

Ms you don't need to buy timed exclusive content that makes very little difference now, COD is slowing down somewhat. AC franchise is in a lot of trouble also. So some of your biggest 3rd party games are getting stale

Time to invest into 1st party please, that's the only way to compare with Sony. Either form first party studios or make 2nd party partnerships. Like sunset overdrive

Ausbo1237d ago

A good chunk of Microsofts studios haven't announced anything. They have stuff coming

mrmarx1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

they say this now so the jackasses can go out and an xbox. but thats what an ass will do. then next year the will cancel everything like the did this year.. hows the halo tv series going? lol

Copenhagen1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Lets see how about some truth and logic here. MS oh MS the writing is on the wall and has been since E3. MS only cares about the holidays when they peddle their wares to gullible people which is why next year will be worse than this year. Fanboys say well MS has Screamride and Ori two unproven games and Ori is for all intents and purposes a indie game which you all knock the PS4 for. Fable and State Of Decay are sometime in 2015 but aren't AAA games with the biggest game Halo not releasing until the holidays at the end of 2015. Which further proves my point of MS only caring about November and December just like they always have. And some of you in particular have deluded yourselves to the point where you also list Scalebound and Crackdown and even Gears in there even though in reality those games won't arrive until 2016 at the earliest. Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive so that doesn't count for much even though MS lied and muddled the truth around that to try and fail in an attempt to project that game as fully exclusive.

I'm sure there will be a Gears collection thrown in there somewhere as well but since Epic doesn't own the rights to the game anymore the collection will be outsourced to other studios likely creating another mess like Halo MCC. So no MS DOESN'T have a lot next year it's the truth whether you like it or not it is what it is. MS is following the recipe they always have which is they load up and support the xbox the first few years and after they have your money they will do like last generation and slack off with the games. That's a contributing factor in them NEVER winning a generation IMO yet you people still fork over your cash for a product that won't be supported throughout the generation it's truly mind boggling. You all can say what you want about Sony but they do support their product throughout the lifetime of the Playstation with a diverse catalog of games and exclusives people know and love and customers know that when they buy their machine which is why they've not only won multiple generations but are in route to winning another one. It says a lot that despite the fact that people lie and overstate the whole "playstation has no games" BS that their machine is selling at a higher rate than the legend that was the PS2 did. And 2016 is so packed with games and exclusives that they're having to push things back on the calender so their customers have games to play throughout the year instead of JUST the holidays like MS should but won't.

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fluffydelusions1238d ago

Even though I don't own the console, I welcome this. Competition is a good thing.

NuggetsOfGod1238d ago

Exactly.. people want ps4 to lead by 20 million. Lol

Its always better when both consoles are neck and neck.

In this case MS will be forced to try harder than sony and that is great for
Xbox gamers.

Thier updates are great and with the deep pockets MS has they will bring the games!

I just hope they spend less on timed exclusives this gen.

Can't wait to see what scalebound looks like.

Copenhagen1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I agree to a point that competition is good however it's NOT always the case and success and competition aren't mutually exclusive. During the PS2 gen there was no competition and it's still to this day one of the best if not the best generation ever so competition isn't necessary for gaming to survive. Microsoft hasn't ever won a generation despite competition from Nintendo and Sony so MS is gonna do what they ALWAYS do which is start out strong with the games and then as the end is near they will hold back games to start the new gen instead of supporting their product throughout the generation. Xbox fans seem to have a really short memory i guess you forget the drought of games from 2010 forward on the 360. You forget the inflated 360 sales due to the RROD. You forget that Sony supported the PS3 and continue to despite the fact they could've held back TLOU and Grand Tourismo to launch on the PS4 but didn't. Both of those franchises sell millions and GT in particular does Halo number sales you won't believe it so look it up it's a fact. Sony doesn't get enough credit for doing right by the consumer no they get harped on for "having no games" despite the fact they realistically have more games than the xbox one so the industry would sink without Sony in the picture unlike losing MS which wouldn't kill the hobby all together so yeah competition is good to a point bad competition like that which MS has brought into gaming timed exclusives timed DCL paid multi player the list goes on and on so no we don't need bad competition and there IS a difference. And lastly the updates you can't play updates okay and most of the things the updates have brought were things that the xbox was lacking because it was rushed to launch because Sony caught MS off guard announcing the PS4. Not to mention that despite the lack of updates the PS4 have had they have arguably the most important feature which is Share play that is not a gimmick but an innovation in how we play games and interact with our friends so despite MS updating their box monthly they still haven't produced anything really important in them so quality trumps quantity.

NegativeCreep4271237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

"Competition" is one thing..."Puffery" is something Totally Different (it's practically on the opposite spectrum).

I can predict one of those "Huge Plans" for next year to be another predictable Activision COD "partnership" for yet another timed-exclusive content package for the 2015 Call of Duty.

mhunterjr1237d ago

I doubt it. I think MS learned over this past year, that they are going to need more than 3rd party exclusive content on old franchise to compete with Sony. Their EA partnership didn't help much, and COD and Assassins Creed are losing to much of their luster to be responsible for a spike in MS' fortunes. Compared to what new titles, like destiny and watchdogs did for Sony, it's no contest.

MICROSOFT is going to have to be associated with fresh experiences going forward, and they know it.

lemoncake1238d ago

Next year is going to be an important one, ps4 has uncharted coming so they will need a good amount of high quality AAA games. If not ps4 will run away with the sales next holiday

BattleAxe1238d ago

PS4 has Uncharted, but I believe that Halo 5 is coming next holiday season, so that should be an interesting competition in the sales department.

ReturnToSanity1238d ago

Halo has and always will outsells any PS4 exclusive. It's a $4.3 billion franchise.

NuggetsOfGod1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I want bloodbourne more than uncharted.

Amazing story, graphics, atmosphere, action sequences, acting, pacing, music and average cover shooting gameplay

= uncharted.

I still like uncharted though I even finished abys on vita to...

Halo 5 low aim assist and old school competitive area multiplayer. Take notes GG!

zeuanimals1237d ago


The Gran Turismo franchise has games that have hit or broken 10 million sales 4 times (GT3 almost hit 15 million). The only Halo game to hit 10 million (actually closer to 12 million) was Halo 3.

All of the Halo games combined (except for Halo MCC and Spartan Assault) can't even beat 5 of the best selling GT games.

GT 10.85
GT2 9.37
GT3 14.89
GT4 11.44
GT5 10
Total 56.55

Halo CE 6.43
Halo 2 8.49
Halo 3 11.87
Halo Wars 2.34
Halo 3: ODST 6.22
Halo Reach 9.52
Halo CEA 2.21
Halo 4 8.94
Total 56.02

Foehammer1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Notice that zueanimanls doesn't have the balls to compare PS3 sales to 360 sales, since they are about the same despite PS selling in 2.5x more Countries

In an act of total cowardice it compares sales of 155m PS2 to 24m Xbox games, lol

Halo 3 beat most GT game despite having 1/6th the install base,

What cowardice to comparer 155m install base to 84m install base, lol


@ Nix, just pointing out the FEAR of perspective, or anything remotely close to an apples to apples comparison.

nix1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )


are we suddenly discussing attach rate now because Sony also has a game that can match Halo? how does it matter that few people out of 150 million decided to like GT games. not everyone has to freaking buy a racing game. that too a simulator. how come only 11 million out of 80+million 360 owners bought Halo 3? are you going to sham them because they didn't buy your favourite haloed game?

PS community are so well spread out when it comes to types of games it's incomparable. that's why you'll find almost every genre selling well on PS platforms. shooters or racing are not the only genre in the video game last time i checked.


huge plans to open wallet and buy 3rd party games. that's all i can see them doing. there's only so many games the MS can make with their small team of devs.

or one of the huge plans is to make xbox1 250 dollars. i mean why not? they're already giving one with too many free games.

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Funantic11238d ago

No way is Uncharted coming out in 2015. I'll bet on that. The best you're gonna get are preview videos maybe gameplay if you're sooner than 2016 I promise you. Any sooner and it wouldn't be polished. I do look forward to the next Uncharted from day one tho. But I have a feeling that MS will pour heavy money into the next 4-5 years of the Xbox brand.

ABeastNamedTariq1237d ago

It's like you banged your head against the keyboard to see what you could come up with.

DigitalRaptor1237d ago

They should make a video segment on some site like Destructoid called "The stupid things Xbox fanboys say", and you would be heavily featured.

Uncharted 4 has been in production since late 2011. That would be 4 years by the time we reach 2015. On average, the Uncharted games have been in production for 2 years each, so UC4 has had a greater mean production schedule.

In case you were slow and didn't realise all the facts, Naughty Dog split into 2 teams in 2009 after Uncharted 2 went gold. One team made the critically acclaimed TLOU, whilst the other one worked on Uncharted 3 until 2011. After that, they moved on to PS4 and Uncharted 4.

Uncharted 4's trailer has a 2015 release date attached. It's funny to see paranoid Xbox fanboys live out their fantasies to avoid the fear of reality.

TLOU sold over 7 million on PS3 and almost a further 2 million on PS4, and that was a new IP. Seriously, is it any wonder Microsoft paid for timed exclusivity on Tomb Raider, when Uncharted is now an unstoppable juggernaut franchise that can easily compete with a new Halo game?

jetlian1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Why would xbox fans care about uncharted when Halo5 is there which is bigger than uc and tlou?!

MS just want an adventure game to hold off uc. Anybody looking at the 2 systems next fall will see halo+ tomb raider vs uncharted

Bigpappy1237d ago

Uncharted may review very well, Buy even third party bundles like "Destiny" and "GTA" sell more on PS than Uncharted. It is big for the fanbase, but it doesn't have that Halo or Mario type swagger in the world of exclusives. I think God Of War is actually a bigger exclusive for Sony.

ScorpiusX1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Cool now make it all happen , so I can gladly give u my money without hesitation.