Appleton: Here's how to end misogyny in video games

The Fresno Bee's video game columnist offers up a radical suggestion.

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CaptainObvious8781325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


There is no misogyny in video games. You SJWs have thrown that term around so much that you've stripped it's meaning.

Let me educate you. Misogyny is the hatred of all women. Let me say that again. Misogyny is the hatred of ALL women.

Where is this misogyny in games? Where's the evidence? You keep screaming misogyny at the top of your lungs, but you never produce any facts or logical analysis.

The irony is people of your ilk have shown more hatred towards men in the last 3 months since gamergate started than hatred towards women in the ENTIRE history of video games. Your hypocrisy is absolutely disgusting.

Is there a problem with representation of women in video game? Absolutely, but there's also a problem with representation on men.

This isn't a gendered issue, so why do you only care about the female side of the problem? Why do you completely disregard men's representation? And yet you claim you're for equality? Do you really think we're that stupid?

I am a gamergater. I am for fixing BOTH sides of the representation issue, but I am NOT for censoring or stifling creativity. I am for equality. I am against harassment of ALL PEOPLE and I'm against lies.

-Foxtrot1325d ago

They can't back up their points because there is nothing to back up.

A bunch of people who were blind and stuck up for Zoe Quin during the early dates of GG joined with Anita and her little minions where she decided the situation was something she could exploit....after she made it so GG was about "hatred against all women" other people blindly went along with it. I've seen people stick up for Anita, with no interest in games, just because they are female and want to stick it to either "males in general" or "gamers" because they don#t like games and think it's points...basically wanting to see the industry burn.

Milo posts something on the GamerGate side with points, research and well thought out arguments yet they totally ignore it.