PS4's 15M sales is historically significant

GGG writes about the historical significance of the PS4 selling 15 million units globally in its first 12-13 months, especially compared to past consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and others.

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mrbojingles1395d ago

Someone has got to have a good Alicia Keys "girl on fire" PS4 mashup meme!

Abash1395d ago

I'd like to see how well the PS4 does in China next, hopefully Sony releases it there soon

indyman77771394d ago

I have been saying Ps4 is going to be better than PS2 since month one! Lots of Mockery even a few Sony fans told me, lets not get carried away. But the numbers painted the picture way back then! It was stumping the PS2 launch. But I did not say it would beat Wii.

I'm now saying it will beat wii. Because It unlike wii has deep legs. If you recall, wii slowed down it's increase, and by year four was basically done. Well guess what PS4 is not going to all the sudden look like the inferior graphical machine with only first party sales. Even if there was no project Morpheus.

UltraNova1394d ago

Well considering the amount of blockbuster AAA realeses coming I'll wait for November 2015 sales figures to see something really of the charts...add a possible price cut (PS4 slim?)to that equation and you can see where this is going.

This is really just the beginning.

MazzingerZ1394d ago

X360 had for sure more than 7.6 M by Dec 31 2007, it was at 7.x before xmas

Anyway, Xmas figures weren't know until jan-feb, impossible to know x-mas sales for any console already by dec 31, no matter the year

I posted some figures here:

PS4 doing great regardless.

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Crazyglues1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Yeah that is amazing, wow 15 million is just a crazy number...

Sony Let's just hope you don't slip up now.. stay full steam ahead, keep Getting amazing games for Plus, and keep working to improve the system, and making everything run smooth.. keep improving the network and get downloads working faster..

Don't drop the ball just because your out in front, stay focus - Sony -

Let's hope 2015 is even more Amazing...

||.........___||............ ||

whoyouwit041395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The only thing historical about this are the people that actually believe this. VGchartz AND NOT SONY made this land mark announcement. Why does that seem strange? Oh wait, hell VGchartz...enogh said.

DialgaMarine1395d ago

True. Probably means the PS4 has sold A LOT more. Though, to be fair, VGC hasn't been doing terrible this gen. They've only really been off by some few hundred thousand units.

Regardless, Sony will probably have big sales announcement for us at PSE.

mrbojingles1395d ago

Well they confirmed 13.3m a month ago right? I'd assume it will pass 15m this holiday just off the US alone or get VERY close to it.

lodossrage1395d ago


I've been trying to tell people that VERY same thing you said

Sony announced 13.5 on Sept 30. So now you have to take into account October and over 3 weeks of November from the number release date.

Even if it's not exact, it very much likely is close or maybe in a little above that 15.1 million.

VGchartz will always have that inaccuracy air about it, but it's not hard to imagine the PS4 being at that 15.1 right now.

freshslicepizza1395d ago

your probably looking at about 16 million by the end of the year, not too shabby to say the least and almost 4 games per system is very impressive.

just wait until the system gets down to $300 and the exclusives start pouring out.

Brettman20081395d ago

I think PS4 will sell at least a million in Black Friday week alone. PS4 will be close to 20 million sold through by the end of the year.

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Thatguy-3101395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Sony announces sale marks on conferences or keynotes. Not to long ago they announced how much they've sold. We should get a great update during the Playstation event. Even though vgchartz isn't accurate they do estimate pretty good. To deny that the ps4 is selling that much just shows how in denial one can be. But yea just wait until Sony announces it so the rest of us can say "We told you so" over again like we've been doing the whole year.

NotAfanBoyy1395d ago

No surprise really. People are often misinformed and believe what they want to.

Brettman20081395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

From Sony's financial figures, 13.5 million shipped as at 30 Sep 14 so likely more than 15 million sold prior to Black Friday.

Christopher1394d ago

I agree about the sentiment of basing it on VGChartz. I disagree with the sentiment of it not being possible even tough VGChartz reported it.

I think we definitely need to wait for an official response from Sony before writing an opinion piece based on the success of the PS4 or the XBO.

ramiuk11394d ago

if its VCG u do realise that the figure will be alot higher than 15m,there the biggest fanboy site going and some of the numbers they give have been million off at times and always over selling the xb side and under counting the sony stuff

Repjaws1394d ago

I think Sony is holding off the official announcement for PlayStation Experience

thewhiteelephant1394d ago

Vgchartz is a perfect 100% correct source now

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G20WLY1394d ago

Where does it say that?

When did VGChartz start making up numbers for shipped units? They didn't.

This is a VGChartz estimation of PS4s sold through to the customer. It won't be spot on. In fact, it will likely be underplaying the figure slightly, on past experience.

ReturnToSanity1394d ago

Because Sony officially announced a few weeks ago they SHIPPED 15 million consoles. So suddenly they sold more than shipped to consumers? Use your head, not your fanboyism.

G20WLY1394d ago

I do use my head, sadly you don't use yours.

Do you know how many PS4s are sold worldwide each week? Last week they sold in the region of 750,000 - yes three quarters of a million units. They are selling as fast as they're being made, so shipping is high quantity and regular, hence why there were shortages for so long after the initial launch - they had to adjust production/shipping to try to keep up with demand.

It's not called 'fanboyism', it's called 'knowledge'. You know, you could learn from someone like me instead of lashing out with salty insults. ;^)

Kayant1395d ago

Hmmmm may want to wait for actual numbers not guesstimates from random data because that number could be lower or higher if vgchartz usually guesses are anything to go be it's likely undertracking PS4 like per usually. BF + WW sales should be interesting to see how well it did.

ScorpiusX1395d ago

Historically significant, but is it historically Accurate.

Antifan1395d ago

Did you say the same about xbone? Lol

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