PS4 and Xbox One Battle for Black Friday Domination, and it Seems to be Close;Wii U Is There as Well

Black Friday is possibly the biggest shopping day in the United States, crazy post.Thanksgiving deals pulls customers to the shops and online retailers to grab consoles on the cheap, and both Sony and Microsoft pushed quite hard this year to grab the upper hand and run away with the money.

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All great systems. Gamers win.

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whoyouwit041394d ago

I don't know where they are getting it's close from every store I have been to is either sold out of xbox ones or only have one one the shelf while therr are mountains of PS4s everywhere.

need more proof

as you can see this is just not local there are far more places sold out of Xbox ones then PS4s.

Abriael1394d ago

That list doesn't seem to be very precise, considering that it shows things as sold out when they're marked as available at the retailers themselves. You may not have noticed that the PS4 is on top of the charts almost everywhere.

"Sold out" means very little when you don't know how many have been shipped.

jukins1394d ago

As if your were really out at any stores lol. I love the people who claimed to have gone to "tons" of Stores and seeing no xbox1s

Muzikguy1394d ago

Right! Stop after store #2 lol. Two stores isn't "tons" either

ger23961394d ago

There are stacks of both ps4's and Xbox1's @ best buy.

Muzikguy1394d ago

I was just at Best Buy buying a receiver and something for my girl and I saw 4 stacks of X1s and only one smaller stack of PS4s. Then there were more bundles around the corner of Lego Batman PS4 and other X1s.

Spotie1394d ago

Keep grasping at those straws.

The XB1 had its run, and now things have gone back to normal. #dealwithit

LamerTamer1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I was at Target looking for games but noticed all of the cabinets were stuffed full of PS4s as if they didn't sell a single one but no X1 were to be seen. The place where they were was completely empty. By that indication it looks like xbone crushed PS4 in black Friday sales. I am not surprised though, MS is practically giving them away. Probably the low price is enticing X360 owners to upgrade to current gen.

I was surprised to see the Wii U section empty as well, could the underpowered Gamecube 1.75 actually be outselling the PS4 too?

That is what Sony gets for getting cocky and stubbornly refusing to lower the price. They don't seem to get that cheap stuff is what gets people to buy, at least in the US. Price is king and PS4 is now the most expensive. The xbone could be rendering all games at 240p and 15 FPS but if it is $50-$70 cheaper, people will go that way. It is still the holiday shopping season so Sony better do something if they don't want to be embarrassed by xbone sales this Christmas in the US.

voodoochild3461393d ago

"Underpowered GameCube 1.75"? Lol you troll...

stuna11394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

All your links does is show how many Xbox1's bundles and PS4 bundles are in stock at any given place! What it doesn't show is how much of that given stock there was.

An example would be; They could have had 25 Xbox1 bundles, but had 100 PS4 bundles available, so simple deductible skills would surmise that there would be a strong possibility of the Xbox1's selling out quicker due to less stock, but it in no way indicates that the Xbox1 is selling faster or more console.

This also doesn't give us a true representation of just how much Microsoft have stuffed the supply channels!? For all anyone knows these consoles could have been in the supply lines since as far back as late summer. Even by Microsoft own words they have stated that they will have sold 10 million consoles to retailers, which means in all likelihood there could be as many as 2 million consoles in the channels.

SoapShoes1394d ago

Well what exactly does that mean? First of all the list isn't precise as pointed out. Second of all we don't know how many consoles were allotted, it could be that MS just didn't have enough. Really whoever wins BF is who has the most stock.

brmb1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

You are completely correct. I went to best buy, target and walmart they were all sold out of the xbox one. Though they all had at least 50 ps4's. I finally got a xbox with kinect at gamestop. Though that's because I was 5th in line. My brother also wanted a xbox without kinect. Every time each of these stores got a shipment of xbox ones they were sold out within 10 minutes. But PS4 bundles were still there. I waited till 4 A.M to get my brother and xbox. At least in my area that is totally true. I finally couldn't take it and asked the target workers, the best buy workers, but not the walmart workers. How many xbox ones did they order? Targets response was by the end of tonight 1500 Xbox ones and 1500 PS4's will be shipped. Best buy had 2000 of each console. So in my local area ms won black friday.

jb2271394d ago

You must not have read the article, they show the ps4 at the top of the sales chart on Amazon, on Gamestop it's taking up the first & second positions, & it's second behind the Wii U on Walmarts website....good possibility that Xbox is selling better in stores because parents are buying the cheapest system, but online sales most likely make up a HUGE chunk of console sales these days with more informed consumers having constant access to the internet. I don't know if it'll be a landslide by any means, but it seems to me that Sony will top the charts again for Nov. & Dec.

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n1kki61394d ago

I have them all, I win.

OUROSMAG1394d ago

I'm loving this, A large amount of available stock doesn't indicate the system isn't selling, The PS4 currently sits at the number one spot in mutliple retailer lists. Sorry but there is no solid numbers on how many units were shipped. Sorry but what people are saying and what were being shown seem to contradict each other.

Yaay4me1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

So the MS "dominating" article was PR BS then. As expected. Currently the PS4 is sitting at number one with Xbone following closely behind at number two spot.

Edit: having read the article thats apparently the conclusion of the author as well.

Yaay4me1394d ago

To be honest with you, no, not really, but im one of those people who likes straight forwardness. If they want to advertise im more suceptible to purchasing from them if i dont get the vibe that they think im stupid. I feel the same when i walk in a store, i tend to buy from the sales person who isnt trying too hard to "sell" me

indyman77771394d ago

Sales of a console will always matter. Because that is the NUMBER ONE reason a publisher will pick which console they will put their games on. A lot times it will be on both systems. But if there is a hugh sales gap like there was with the PS2, and xbox, many publishers will just put the game on one system. Just like they did during the SNES/Genesis, PS1/Saturn/n64, PS2/xbox/dreamcast. It was different only when there was a 51/49 split between the xbox360/ps3.

Also if there is a big gap publishers will play their fanboy card. (right or wrong). They will make a game exclusive for a system just like they did with PS2. And they will sale more of that game on the PS2 if it is exclusive because of the hype. That is how many situations worked in the PS1 and PS2 era. People get hyped on both consoles when a game is truly EXCLUSIVE.

Also sales of the console tell the consumer which one will have the most games.

Also sales of the console tell the consumer which one all their friends will most likely have.

Also sales of the console tell the consumer which one is not going under.

Lawboy21394d ago

That article was published this morning before he ps4 bundle was released to public....when that article came out the Xbox one was leading on Amazon and nothing was even close it was that way until 12 am today then then ps4 shot to the top

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