Is Assassin's Creed: Unity Really the Future of the Industry?

With all the controversies from Ubisoft's newest Asassin's Creed release, do we need to worry about these ideas becoming commonplace in the industry?

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-Foxtrot1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Only if we let it

Don't buy the games at launch. I got the collectors edition but I sent it straight back once I saw how awful it ran and how bad the story/stealth mechanics are

Watch Dogs was a let down
Assassins Creed Unity was a disaster
Far Cry 4 was great HOWEVER it was Far Cry 3.5, they can only play this card once.

After the beta I don't have much hope with the Crew and I'll be keeping my eyes wide open for the Division.

Godmars2901394d ago

"they can only play this card once."

That logic does not apply to video game companies.

Godmars2901394d ago

Then what's been up with the Assassin's Creed cards they've been playing all this time? Unity is only the worst example which they've been caught with.

GameSpawn1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

The Creed games have ALWAYS had platforming issues. For some reason they litter the environment with objects that just screw the living piss out of the free-running fluidity.

That said, Unity was a steaming pile of glitchy poo in comparison to Rogue and FarCry 4 which launched at the same time.

Clearly this is a case of the least advertised being the better of the games. For some odd reason Ubi (or Microsoft or whoever foot the ad bill) put all their resources behind the "Next-Gen" Assassin's game when all the polish was placed on the other older gen Assassin's game.

My question is where the hell was all the Far Cry 4 advertising and hype? Did it really get overshadowed by Unity's hype that much?

Luckily, I held out on Far Cry 4 (loved Far Cry 3, but chose Assassin's over Far Cry) and I purchased the Season Pass for Unity, so I got a Two-For-One deal...sort of. Just waiting for that voucher.

Jonny5isalive1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

not the future, the present. The present situation is unfinished games being released left and right and cutting half the game to be sold as DLC as opposed to making content after the game is released. It is create a game in two years(a game that needs a year worth of patches to be finished) and cut out half of it to be sold as DLC while the sequel is made for the next two years.

pelida1394d ago

No, please. We need to send them a msg; I'm not going to buy FC4 (I know is a good game but still...) or The Crew (probably will have the AC:U "issues")

crusf1394d ago

There NEEDS to be better QA testers involved in the industry. Not just people who think they can get paid to play video games. The quality and passion from developers we've seen in the past is gone.You only see such quality from Nintendo games or indies. Such a shame. The industry is huge but the quality is stagnated.

DaBeatSpecialist1394d ago

ACUnity is GOTY tho even with bugs and shit..

poppinslops1394d ago

Yeah, people seem to have forgotten Fallout 3... There were non-irradiated bugs all through that game, but it's one of my all-timers.

Games like AC: Unity, GTA and Skyrim are pushing envelopes in various ways, and bugs are to be expected...

I dunno which glitch-free masterpieces these puritans were raised on, but word to the wise - THOSE DAYS ARE GONE... Progress, baby!

madjedi1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Fallout and elder scrolls are in a whole different league than unity, the closet comparable is rdr and even then bethesda games does a shit ton more.

Fallout 3 was also on last gen systems, yeah there beyond buggy, but unity is just steaming pile of poorly optimized dog shit.

Fallout 4 will release it will be buggy as hell, but i would be amazed if it was even remotely as poorly performing as ac unity.

People might be getting unrealistic expectation about bug free games, but that doesn't excuse the fact that unity should not have released in the state it is in.

That or the developers\pubs had poor priority management when it came design choices.

If i want a game with hundreds on npcs standing around doing virtually nothing, i'll play a dynasty\samurai warriors game.

At least koei is smart enough to realize they are just cannon fodder to serve the gameplay.

Far cry 4 or shadows of mordor are more reasonable goty choices.

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