Batman: Arkham Knight – New Story & Gameplay Details Revealed, Next Trailer Coming This Monday

DSOGaming writes: "Rocksteady held an AMA on Reddit, in which it revealed some new information about the game's story and its gameplay mechanics. Before continuing, do note that there will be some spoilers regarding Batman: Arkham City. Therefore - and if you haven't finished that game yet - we strongly suggest avoiding the next paragraph."

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telekineticmantis1244d ago

I never get to comment first on major articles

HaveAsandwich1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

that was a backdoor "first". i do appreciate how you classed it up a bit though. 8/10

Ezz20131244d ago

My batman credit Card is ready

Will not let Robin play it though

crazychris41241244d ago

Need to hurry up and finish Arkham City. Game looks great and its nice to see that we can play in the entire city.

NegativeCreep4271244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

To paraphrase Rocksteady's current update on this game: This game will feel like a GTA game...only at the helm of Batman!

That certainly sounds like an advancement for the IP. I'm just wondering if Robin or Nightwing will play a more integral part in the story aspect of the game than in previous Arkham games.

JimmyDM901244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

That might be kind of cool to have an open world Arkham or justice league game with multiple protagonists where you can switch back and forth between them across the map at any time a la GTA V. Maybe Batman plus Nightwing and Cat woman (or Green Arrow).

LightDiego1244d ago

I hope we finally discover who is Batman on Arkham Knight.

ZoroGamer1244d ago

Can't wait. This game will be the first game fully devoted to pushing the next gen consoles.

joab7771244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Um...I think that The Witcher may come 1st, but otherwise I agree with the sentiment.

guyman1243d ago

Do you know what the order 1886 is? Obviously not.

Kavorklestein1243d ago

He said Console(s) as in multiple consoles. Is the order on multiple consoles? No.

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