Xbox One Sales Top 8 Million Worldwide, Over 32 Million Games Sold at Retail

VGChartz Writes: "Microsoft's 8th generation home console, the Xbox One, has hit a new milestone. The console has now sold more than eight million units worldwide.

The Xbox One sold 491,702 for the week ending November 22, 2014. That brings lifetime sales to 8,061,170 units, according to VGChartz. There has also been more than 32 million games sold for the Xbox One at retail."

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Foehammer1241d ago ShowReplies(6)
Abash1241d ago

Glad to see the $349 price tag helped it hit 8 million finally

-Foxtrot1241d ago ShowReplies(2)
mikeslemonade1241d ago

What will you say when Xbox can't sell the system at $330 with two games and 1 year of live?

These are artificially inflated sales.

Jughead34161241d ago

I think 8 million in the 1st year is pretty successful. Of course the PS4's 14 million makes XBOX look like they're doing poorly, but don't be deceived. XBOX is doing pretty good. PS4 is just that awesome right now. Outselling almost 2 to 1

Cupid_Viper_31241d ago

@ Jughead3416

It's 15 million PS4s.

BeefCurtains1241d ago

I will say, "hey Mike, why do you care so much?" ... It's like the x1 is your ex wife or something.

X1 is selling great, and as long as PS4 is ahead of X1, we are getting some pretty great deals and service.

UltraNova1240d ago

Even if, IF somehow MS moved 8 mil XB1s considering the amount of bad press and public opinion (they deserve every bit of it IMO) they suffered so far I cant help but congratulate them on simply doing so!

Sheikh Yerbouti1240d ago

Rising tides lifts all ships. PS4, with its very attractive Last of US/GTV bundle, also has elevated sales. It is called Christmas...!

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Svinya1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Looks like the Xbox software attach rates are still higher than Sony's, as usual. Not surprising, seeing as how most sony fans spend their time on here trolling or counting pixels on forums, and the xbox owners spend it actually playing.

torchic1240d ago

Xbox owners are making up for lost time after Microsoft left the Xbox brand high and dry for FOUR YEARS (2010-2014)

water always tastes better when you're thirsty

Griever1240d ago

You automatically get a high attachment rate when your hardware sales are low. The Wii U software attachment rate is even higher.

Notellin1240d ago

Yeah 15 million consoles and 57,150,000 games sold for an attach rate of 3.8 is so much worse than the estimated attach rate of 4 from this article. Excellent point.

frostypants1240d ago

@Svinya, so what's your excuse?

Angeljuice1240d ago

PS4 has lots of great free to play games. I didn't have to buy any games for months.

ShwankyShpanky1240d ago

Of the five "retail" games I've bought on PS4, only one of those was physical. "1.0 attach rate for PS4 confirmed!" Not to mention the scores of indies that people can only buy digital, which wouldn't be counted in these numbers either. Sure, there's lots of digital buying on the One as well, which is just further indication that attach rates estimated from retail sales have become borderline obsolete.

And of course "lol chartzzzzzzzzz."

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Docknoss1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

That word "finally" proves your Trolling and your nothing but a punk.
Well said Syvinya. Bubble for you

ramiuk11240d ago

at what cost,in UK we had the console for £289 with 2 games and its cheapest i ever seen it and still people was asking what PS4 deals are about.
they have reduced the price so low this last 2-4 months in a desperate bid to close the gap i cant see how it will pay off for them.

NoeLennon1240d ago

you cant see how selling more consoles (with a higher attach rate) will pay off for them eh?..

BallsEye1240d ago

Where do they got their numbers from? There is no source or whatsoever.

ShwankyShpanky1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

From their top tier market research institute:

Magicite1240d ago

not much left if u subtract UK/USA from this number.

optimus1240d ago

@pogmithoin... And you obviously didn't spot mine.

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lifeisgamesok1241d ago

Congrats MS! I remember the day I decided to trust my instincts and go with Xbox One for next gen

Couldn't be happier

halfblackcanadian1241d ago

Wow, so many people disagree that you're happy about your purchase...

TheNew11241d ago Show
Jason_Plays_PC1241d ago

Or maybe its becuase of the person that said it..A known mega troll.

conzilla7601240d ago

Seriously!! How does that make any sense LOL

Clunkyd1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

You must be new here, hes known to be the biggest xbox fanboy and troll on this site.

DigitalRaptor1239d ago

To be fair, Microsoft could punch his mother and he would still support them.

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UnHoly_One1241d ago

Couldn't agree more.

Hands down the best console I've ever owned.

Unreal011241d ago

Ah, you should really try the PS4 then man. Without a doubt the best console I've ever owned.

Spid3r61241d ago

We know what the PS4 has as far as media and support... THE Xbox OS destroys PS4 any time and the network as well... We also have better smoother gameplay in our games and better games.

KwietStorm1241d ago

Ever owned? Be for real. There is nothing new available right now that should be the best console you ever owned. Unless you just started gaming.

Loktai1241d ago


a chromecast or similar as well as most never TVs do media streaming. Ps4 supports all the major video services anyway which is what most adults who don't pirate all their media use.

smoother you mean unity and by a small margin. what are these Better games?

you're drinking the kool-aid friend.

TheSaint1240d ago

Is it your first ever console?

NoeLennon1240d ago

#Loktai Ummm, wheres HBO, Plex, DLNA, Live tv, Comedy Central, FX, Twitch app, etc, etc? You are definitely drinking the kool aid if you think the ps4 is anywhere near the Xbone media wise.

UnHoly_One1240d ago

I have a PS4 already.

I've owned every playstation, every Xbox, and every Nintendo save for the Wii U.

And I stand by my original statement, the Xbox One is my favorite of all of them.

I realize it is still new, but I'm talking about the way the console itself functions, not the game library.

Everything about it, from the controller to the UI, the TV integration to the snap function. It's just quite simply the best experience I've had with a game console.

I'm sorry for those who don't agree. I know it's just my opinion.

ShwankyShpanky1240d ago

@spider: That awesome network and media integration. So well integrated that when XBL glitches people can't watch their Blu-Rays (among other problems).

BattleAxe1240d ago

I decided to go with Xbox One after a year of sitting on the fence. After everything I've seen and all aspects taken into consideration, Xbox One will be the best console this generation IMO.

As far as the best console of all time, I have to give that to the PS3. My PS3 sits prominently next to my Xbox One, and still gets alot of use. Sony certainly did future proof the PS3, and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. The PS2 is the 2nd best and the NES is 3rd IMO. I'm interested to see what the future holds for Xbox One, and where I will place it in my list of favorite consoles in the years to come.

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medman1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

If you have to tell yourself you couldn't be happier, it means you could be, and you know it. Your instincts stink. Oh, and vgsharts just posted an article about ps4 sales claiming over 15 million sold, so, there's that as well. I'm never one to pay much attention to sharts, as they inflate xbox numbers and depress sony numbers, so take it with a grain of salt.

NoeLennon1240d ago

So then does that mean you could be happier with the ps4? Cause if you said you weren't... I'd say it sounds like your instincts stink.

Back-to-Back1240d ago

"I remember the day I decided to trust my instincts and go with Xbox One for next gen"

Instincts as in RROD?

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christocolus1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

Nice.This generation of consoles might end up being the most successfull, anyways i hope this encourages MS to keep investing into huge AA titles. Next years line up looks pretty impressive too..they need to keep that up.

deadfrag1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

And the smaller also!Expect new Hardware in four to five years tops.This will not mean the end of the PS4 or Xboxone but new more powerfull consoles are going to come very fast this time,and im glad it will!

jcole971241d ago

man those disagrees are ridiculous lol

ramiuk11240d ago

funny how for last 3 years all we hear is console gaming is dead.

sashimi1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

i don't get it...was there an announcement of sorts from Sony or MS i missed or just pulling numbers out of behind again. cuz theres one about sony too

benji1011241d ago

Numbers out of their asses.