More Developers Join PlayStation Experience; “Great Announcements” Incoming

PlayStation Experience is just a few days away, and every day new developers who will join the fray and present their games at the event pop up.

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uptownsoul1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

More announcements?!?!?

CAN'T WAIT (in my best Bart Scott voice)

Eonjay1396d ago


Do you have a list of all confirmed attendees?

nX1396d ago

This will be big with or without Helldivers. I'm expecting the best show of the year at this point, hopefully Sony delivers.

Eonjay1396d ago

Top Down Coop shooter. Wave Based.

Qrphe1396d ago

I've been waiting for these two for ages. If this is what or takes to get the level of AI 17-bit advertised then it's fine with me.

Hanuman1396d ago

Huh,.. What? You mean that Indie game wich an Iphone can handle? It is welcome on PS4, but has no bussines on PS Experience.

miyamoto1396d ago

15 million install base within a year pretty much decided the champion of this generation where most developers would want to make their games on. Expect the greatest quality games of this generation to be made and played on PS4 like they were on past successful platforms of yore.

colonel1791396d ago

hopefully the gaming gods hear you! I would love it if this gen was like the PS2 era (and I didn't even have a PS2). It's just great when developers focus on one console.

With that said, there is no way MS will allow it. They will go bankrupt buying exclusives and paying third party developers before they allow the PS4 to become massive.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1396d ago

That doesn't mean it will sell more games might sell More In Europe but don't worry Xbox gonna take over USA And UK soon

Ninver1396d ago

The real question is "where is War Devil?"

dirkdady1396d ago

War devil is no more. Scandal with studio.

dragonyght1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

lol War Devil is done as Eight Days and Getaway 3 and mayby the last guardian

3-4-51396d ago

More Vita games please.

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younglj011397d ago

okay Sony you have my attention...

PizzaSteve1396d ago

Sony had my attention since PS1.

Developers know PS4 is the go to console. Good to see more joining the greatness.

younglj011396d ago

i meant pertaining too the PS experience...

Dark111396d ago

Hopefully we see more AAA stuff ( GG new IP please!)

Rimgal1396d ago

Where is Inner Sanctum? That game is set to be released next year and we know nothing about the game yet.

bobsmith1396d ago

team ninja with doa5 last round pls

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The story is too old to be commented.