Square Enix's MMO Nosgoth To See A PS4/Xbox One Release?

"Square Enix's free-to-play MMO Nosgoth is currently only available on the PC platform via Steam's Early Access program and is still without an official release date. However, Nosgoth may not be confined to just the PC if a recent ratings decision by the Australian ratings board is to be believed." - The Games Cabin

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MWH1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

i'm sincerely disappointed that this series never realized its full potential. a true underappretiated gem, a masterpiece in story telling, perhaps even the most complex and well woven story ever told in a game.

but i made peace with this fact and i accepted the ending of Defiance. one of the very few endings i've experienced in a long time of gaming that brought me down on my knees in shock and awe.

psvitamanfan1393d ago

Agreed. But still, even a whispering of a possible fully sequel would have my knickers in the air.

MWH1393d ago

i doubt it my friend. corporates don't take risks and legacy of kain is now considered a leap of faith in no-faith times.

psvitamanfan1393d ago

But...but we can hope right? Ya killing me here!

But yeah, I very much agree. More chance of Activision releasing another CoD for the wii...

WeAreLegion1393d ago

Psyonix is freaking awesome. They deserve a hit. SSARPBC was one of my favorite games last generation.

Roccetarius1393d ago

Since when was this considered MMO? It's only a Multiplayer game, nothing more.

Knightshade1393d ago

Dear SquareEnix,

Nobody wants this game. We want a single player experience. Want to tack this nonsense onto a single player game? Fantastic. Do that. Let's not pretend this is what the fans of this series want.