BioWare confirms issues with party conversations in Dragon Age: Inquisition, now working to fix bug

Gamers may have noticed that the various NPC companions at their disposal in Dragon Age: Inquisition will occasionally make random comments on objects and events in the world. They will occasionally even hold a conversation with other members of the current party. This banter is intended to be one of the many ways for players to learn about the world around them as well as provide additional insight into the personalities behind the various companions that make up the Inquisition.

Bioware has also since recognized that an issue does indeed exist. Dragon Age: Inquisition executive producer Mark Darrah reassured players by confirming that the team is currently taking a look at the issue. This is good news to many gamers who are concerned with missing out on details that might help build more in-depth characterization for their companions. Considering that player can choose to adventure with three party members at any time, users are likely missing many conversations from Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s nine followers.

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I like the commitment Bioware pull in a game. Makes it so much worth playing it seriously.