The Man Who Will Lead Xbox In Japan is a 25 Year Sony Veteran

After the resignation of Takashi Sensui, the control of the marketing of Xbox One in Japan moved to the retail group headquarters, and will be handled primarily by Consumer & Partners Group General Manager Yoshinami Takahashi.

It’s quite interesting to notice that Takahashi was just recently hired by Microsoft in July, and spent his whole long career at Sony.

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Ezz20131333d ago

let's be honest here
Xbox fail in Japan has nothing to do with
Manager Takashi Sensui

it just Japan don't like/care about Xbox brand at all
and nothing is going to change that

Septic1333d ago

Agreed. Don't see anyone changing the Xbox woes in Japan.

NuggetsOfGod1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Lol japan doesn't care about console deals or how good a game is on xbox.

xbox is not a japanese console then it's over..

They may have horrid taste in games mostly imo.
But they are loyal af.

MS should pull out and never look back....

That's what she said.

donthate1332d ago

It might not be the persons fault, but certainly somebody else might be able to do better.

BitbyDeath1333d ago

I don't agree that nothing will change it.
It is just most of Japan don't care about western games and that is mostly all Xbox ever produces.

If MS bought 2-3 Japanese studios to make games for Xbox then the situation will change.

Xbox needs games.

Lenrulesdaworld1333d ago

Correction xbox needs japanese games

NuggetsOfGod1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Japanese games won't do anything but sell low on xbox.. MS should be putting massive quality into china making chinese quality exclusives.

I don't know how much a lose they can take but they could sell xbox dirt cheap in china to get a good fanbase.

Take all xboxes out of japanese warehouses change the language and ship em to china.

I wouldn't even luanch the next xbox in japan.

freshslicepizza1332d ago

they tried this approach early on with the xbox 360 and a few games sold pretty good like lost odyssey but most didn't. japanese gamers are far more xenophobic as far as games/consoles go than any other region. even the ipod took awhile to catch on and sony's own mp3 player did better in japan than anywhere else until the ipod basically took over the world and they had to adopt.

Svinya1332d ago

They just need to start making games about schoolgirl panties, anime crap with huge eyes and octopus rape simulators and Japan will start to take notice.

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miyamoto1333d ago

Many new Xbox One staff are former Sony employees Phil Harrison Jeff Rubenstein etc etc. Maybe MS thinks if they get former Sony employees they wull know PlayStation secret winning formula mojo..... so far itd not happening for them though.

XiMasterChief1333d ago

Many Sony staff were former Microsoft employee. Maybe Sony thinks if they get former Microsoft employees they wull know Micrsoft secret money making formula far itd not happening for them though.

Shocking I know.

ajax171333d ago

Yeah, where MS really needs to focus is Europe. They're behind Sony there, but they have a much better chance of catching up since Europeans generally have similar tastes to North Americans.

1333d ago
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DigitalRaptor1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Good luck to him. Serious good luck.

I don't know why he would choose such a failed venture. It's always good to take on a challenge, but frankly, this one is a lost cause.

@ XiMasterChief

That's a bit of a stretch. I was referring to their campaign in Japan as being a lost cause.

XiMasterChief1333d ago

Calling Xbox a failed venture??????

christocolus1333d ago

best of luck to the new guy.

brotherlymoses1333d ago

What with the red xbox logo? Lol is this some type of illuminati?

Ninver1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

I'm certain it's to represent the rising sun

-Foxtrot1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

And people kept going on about super secret spy Phil Harrison

Looking in the wrong place all this time ;)

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