DriveClub Still Plagued With Issues Surrounding DLC, Wheel Issues To Be Fixed In Next Update

"Driveclub has been plagued with issues since release day; we've had server errors, a lack of Driveclub PS Plus Edition and much more.

Unfortunately the plight isn't over for gamers eager to get their race on with Evolutions PS4 exclusive." - The Games Cabin

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GameLover561355d ago

Ouch game needed another 4 years I take it

psvitamanfan1355d ago

Maybe not a full four years, but I reckon at least another 12 months to get things up to scratch. Does seem it was a little rushed...

GameLover561355d ago

It has to many issues and definitely was rushed

Summons751355d ago

Yeah and that was AFTER delaying it a whole year. DriveClub is a mess of a launch.

NuggetsOfGod1355d ago

Sucks when a game this broken sells over a million. Same goes for mcc.
DC was hyped up using graphics lol

Seems The Order is doing the same. Then I have been called an idoit for not buying into the music, graphics and cinema hype for it.

Smart gamers don't pre order! Even if it come with 3 free guns.
If i want guns and maps I will pay a lil more and support the devs.

Beats throwing $60 down the drain based on hype and a few maps.

Also in before.
"I have no issues game fixed goty racer" - fanboy

Death1355d ago

I'm pretty happy with Driveclub so far. There is not denying the game released before it was finished, but plagued is a little far fetched. I picked it up used for $30 and have no regrets.

akurtz1355d ago

We needed this article to cover up another... article.

snookiegamer1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Talk abut flogging a dead horse..Driveclub has already had its 101 articles informing us all how bad everything about it is.


Yeah I agree with the comment, clearly diverts the attention away from a certain other game on a competing system. But your logic is wasted on this lot!

psvitamanfan1355d ago

Sorry dude but the world isn't run on conspiracies with people being out to "cover up" other stories for the sake of fanboyism. Just an article.

NuggetsOfGod1355d ago

No beat the horse to death if it saves people from spending money on a broken game.

I hope there is 101 more articles on it.

Bothers u? Then go to another article.

They should give out fail of the year award to embrace devs and make them
Work hard not to get it. Lol

Yes I have no mercy on corporation pushing out broken content.

Death1355d ago

The game isn't perfect, but it's not broken either. It's a very pretty arcade racer with a flawed online component that is still being fixed. I would say it's the worst game launch I have seen, but that doesn't make it a bad game. It's the best racer on the PS4 and in my opinion a great deal if you buy it used.

freshslicepizza1355d ago

until the game runs as intended and they release the plus version we will continue to read up on it, and rightfully so. halo master chief collection and assassins creed untiy are the others.

SideNote1355d ago

At least that certain game is working now.

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The story is too old to be commented.