Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Review - Thesixthaxis

"Super Smash Bros. was always meant for the big screen. It’s a multiplayer game after all, at its best when you’ve got three of your friends (actually, now up to seven of your friends) crowded around the same screen, playing as a variety of characters. The 3DS version felt out of place as a multiplayer game on an inherently single player console, with any joy from playing with friends diminished by the fact that you’re staring at separate screens, and are perhaps not even in the same room as each other.

But on Wii U, Smash Bros. is close to perfection for the series. The shift to eight-players (albeit only in Smash mode) is a genuine leap forward for the series, opening plenty of new avenues and meaning that it’s very unlikely for anyone to be left out. There’s tons of content, with plenty of supplementary single player modes alongside some expansive and genuinely fun multiplayer options, making this the most complete instalment in the series to date."

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