Opinion: Opening The Gates of #GamerGate

Kyle Arsenault of TwoDashStash tells the story of how video games saved his life and what motivated him to join the GamerGate movement.

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Chapter111361d ago

A game journalist killed my mom. And dog. And caused 9/11. And killed Kurt Cobain. True story.

Dark_Overlord1361d ago

Nice to know there are people willing to sift through all the lies :)

1361d ago
gamesR4fun1361d ago

When an industry organization openly supports a flawed twitter algorithm and labels everyone named by it as “the worst offenders” and then explains it away by saying the equivalent of “whoops“. Bonus: If you blindly use the blockbot and snark at people when they have issue with it, congratulations, you win the internet award for furthering rational discourse!

When shockingly, glaring, ethical,violations are hand waved away only for the hand wavers to tell gamers “what they should really be focused on“. Funny how they know about the “real issues” and yet DO OR SAY NOTHING ABOUT THEM!

Those are just a few of the incidents that made my fence-seat sway slightly towards the Pro–GG side, but they aren’t what fully convinced me.

What convinced me was the snark and condescension of the Anti-Gamergate side.