Far Cry 5 Might Happen, Multiplayer Map Changes Could Be Happening

Far Cry 4's Creative Director teases the possibility of Far Cry 5 and some changes to Far Cry 4's multiplayer modes.

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DoctorRedBeard1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

the game came out just this month already. Its too early too be talking about FarCry 5.

However here is some things i would like to see in the next FarCry..

- Don't put Amita in it. we all know who you were trying to make in the game don't deny it. Don't even make it about feminism because their was a cut scene in FC4 that had her saying how people don't like her because she's a woman yeah no. don't do that.

- Make the protagonists and antagonists have more interaction with each other. (Like jason Brody and Vaas)

- Add some new gameplay mechanics while improving the ones people loved in previous FarCry games.

- No Parity BS with MS or Sony or any company ever.

these are some of the main points i want too see an improvement on the next FarCry game. FarCry 3 was brilliant in my opinion. FarCry 4 ehh.... its not that it was a bad game. But i feel the influenced too much Social Justice shit in it. When i'm playing a game i expect it not to worry about real life issues. FC4 was a good game its like a 7.5 out of 10 in my opinion but no where close to FarCry 3. Ubisoft was playing it safe too much with FarCry 4 pretty much. The antagonist had potential but we rarely had any type of interaction with him.

I hope you learn from this lesson Ubisoft. Don't let Social Justice or any type of politics influence your game. that is all :)

Oh yeah another thing. If your going to add online multiplayer please make it good and not tacked on like FarCry 4 was. The Co op i liked. the muliplayer on the other hand wasn't fun in my opinion it felt forced and tacked on.

Meltic1396d ago

AND make FC5 only next gen ffs

joab7771396d ago

Yep. I wanna see a next gen Far Cry set in Alaska or Siberia. It can be in multiple locations but I wanna see sweeping snow storms and trudging through snow, riding snow mobiles etc.

And enough with the repetitiveness. Games need to be more dynamic today.

PFFT1396d ago

EXACTLY what i was thinking. Pc,Xb1 and Ps4 only PLEASE!

tyranex1396d ago

Your grammar hurts my eyes

DoctorRedBeard1396d ago

well i'm sorry about that. i don't care about grammar errors on the internet. so you will just have to deal with it sweet little pumpkin. :)

shloobmm31396d ago

I find the multiplayer to be extremely fun just the lack of a party system really hurts it.

pasta_spice1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I didn't interpret it like that at all. Kyrat is a place that still has child brides and female slavery so it makes sense that people might not take Amita seriously because she is a woman. If she doesn't fight against it then who will? Because Pagan Min and Sabal obviously dont give a crap if Kyrati children are married off as brides. Its a game that tackles the issue of dictatorship and civil war so its only natural that there will be certain real-life issues and politics involved. That's not "SJW" bullshit. Thats just adding realism to your game.

IMO a bigger problem was that both Amita and Sabal were boring poorly-written one-dimensional characters who were so annoying they made me want to join Pagan Min because at least he was likeable. I do agree that the villain needed much more screentime and its disappointing that most of his scenes were already spoiled in the trailers. I thought Ubisoft had learned their lesson after fans complained about Vaas' lack of screentime in FC3 but it seemed like Min had even LESS screentime than Vaas! Why the bloody hell did they focus so much of the advertising on him and put him on the front of the boxart if he was only going to appear in 3% of the game!

seanpitt231396d ago

As long as farcry 5 is not cut and paste and just on a different map and they actually put some hard work into making the game then I will buy it.

fanboysmackdown1396d ago

Wow, that was a whole lot of blathering. I believe I stopped reading at already.

ZealousConscript1395d ago

Alright, since anti-feminism seems to be the norm for gamers these days, let me drop some knowledge you.

You don't want a character like Amita included...why, exactly? Because you dont like seeing powerful women? Because you're made uncomfortable by a woman who isn't just sexy window dressing?

Or are you so fucking stupid as to believe that a game that wants to make an semi-accurate portrayal of a country like Kyrat (which is fictional but a lot like India and Nepal, which it borders in Far Cry 4) shouldn't include the fact that women's issues exist - esepecially in third world countries.

The best fiction calls out real world issues, tackles things and tries to portray good, fleshed out characters.

The thing is, on other points I agree with you. I WOULD have liked more interaction between Ajay and Min (to be clear I haven't beat the game yet but I've missed the ever present Vaas) but as far as the actual story is concerend, I think this game beats three to pieces. Mostly because I don't find myself cringing or rolling my eyes near as much.

So grow up and don't knock a game for daring to try and be something mindless.

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Hellsvacancy1397d ago

"Far Cry 5 Might Happen" lol, it'll probably be out next year, along with a new Assassins Creed

There's no "might" about it

psvitamanfan1397d ago

Next week if ubi had their way...

Sir_Simba1396d ago

Far cry usally takes longer. form the 1st far cry to the it took 4 years each till far cry 3, now thats cut dowm to two,
ohh shit I guess it will be a surprise if it doesnt come out next year

dcj05241396d ago

1/2= 6 months, if ubisoft had it their way.

Fizzler1396d ago

You mean Far Cry 4 might happen.

crazychris41241396d ago

We all know its going to happen, several retailers have stated that its selling faster then FC3. Lets just hope they release the game until at least late 2016 and Blood Dragon 2 sometime next year.

shloobmm31396d ago

Add party support to multiplayer. It's 2014 for god's sake.

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