Metal Gear Solid 4 beaten in 5 hours on hardest level

To note, this time is achieved when you skip all of the cutscenes.

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riqued3824d ago

But that is only on your second or third playthrough.

In the previous games I took 15+ hours to complete, not counting cutscenes obviously.

gambare3824d ago

I still got some stuff to unlock, so I guess I need another 5 hour run : /

MikeGdaGod3824d ago

i just can't see me doing it. it took me 3 hours just to get through ACT 1 on the second to hardest level and i'm on my second playthrough.

jwatt3824d ago

If I was to run through the game like that I know I would get caught.

flambeau3824d ago

I beat the game it took 15 hours and 25 minutes. What exactly is there to unlock in the game? Please do tell.

plenty a tool3824d ago

how many cutscenes are there? and is there really a 90min one?

Storm233824d ago

This is not a big deal at all. There are people who have beaten it in like three.

First time it took me 21 hours and was inceredible. Very good time for a game.

flambeau3824d ago

No, there is not a 90 minute cut scene. I believe the last is around 45 minutes but I am not sure.

MikeGdaGod3824d ago

no there is not a 90 min cut-scene. the last one is the longest but it's still no where near 90 mins.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3824d ago

There is a 45min cutsceen in this game? Thats like an episode of Lost, that is a real long freaking time for an ingame cutsceene.

thor3824d ago

Yeah the whole section from when you last put down the controller to the end of the coda is about an hour I think, maybe it's 45 I don't know. But can anyone remember how long, say, Final Fantasy endings are? I seem to remember 9 was really long, more than an hour I think. It's because they need to tie up every loose end of every character. Which is exactly what MGS4 does.

Mr Fancy Pants3824d ago

the thing is that you need to complete the game in less then 5 hours and without killing anyone to get the "Big Boss emblem"...
"Big Boss Emblem -Beat the game on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5 hours."

i can beat Zelda nes on what? 20 minutes? try to beat that games on that time! on a normal run that game could take like 5 or more hours... get my point? ;-)

LJWooly3824d ago

Yes, Final Fantasty endings are notoriously long, but for some reason don't suffer the same scrutiny as Metal Gear Solid. Of course, 45 minutes is more than acceptable if it's at the end of the game. Better than a short, crap ending like most other games.

Lionsguard3824d ago

The longest ones are at the end and I appreciate the long ending because it ties up loose ends and doesn't leave you wondering. It's more gratifying to know that all your work paid off for all the characters unlike some games who's endings are a few minutes long and you're treated to a nice long credits list, ooo how rewarding...

Kleptic3824d ago

the total ending cutscene time is around 1 hour, but its not all at once...i'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers...

the second longest single cutscene 'grouping' (i guess that is what you call it) would probably be the incredible conclusion to Act III...which I thought was around a half hour...

watching some of the most cinematic and incredible looking real time graphics in history doesn't bother me...I guess I am wierd...I still haven't collected my jaw off the floor from the opening act when snake gets off the truck, and then the icons just pop up seamlessly...and you are actually playing...'unbelievalbe looking' is an understatement...

I am almost at the end of Act II on hard with less than 5 spots, no rations/noodles/regain/etc., and zero deaths so far...I don't have the strategy guide, but I heard if you can complete the game in any time frame with those stats on that difficulty, you get enough DP to buy the bandana or 'active' someone can really get through the game on the hardest setting in 5 hours though is feckin' ridiculous, assuming they can't die or be spotted once...

I also thought that that big boss emblem had to be achieved without saving also...I might be wrong though...

Keowrath3824d ago

Kleptic, on your 2nd playthrough, Stealth and the Bandanna are available at Drebins for 500,000. If you go to Drebins shop on a wednesday or Sunday it'll be 20% off and if you go there in act 5 it'll be 50% off. (The 2 discounts don't stack from what I've experienced)

I'm at the beginning of act 5 on The Boss Extreme, no kills, alerts, continues, health items and just over 3 hours. I've only done it because I wanted to earn all the unlockables in the game myself, I could have easily downloaded a save (and yes some people have beaten the whole game in about 2 1/2 hours) It ISN'T fun though, you can't explore shadow moses for all the flashbacks, you need to take extremely direct routes avoiding a lot of the cool things that were added. You don't engage the enemy at all unless you're putting them to sleep or wanting to get the rebels to help you or for extra ammo.

The speed run is entirely possible but I'll be glad to get it over with so I can go through the game at a much more enjoyable pace. Resident Evil games were the same, you could beat them in a very short amount of time but you're spending so much of the game hurrying that you're missing most of the FUN.

joemayo763823d ago

so hold up watching the cutscenes actualy count towards ur gameplay time damn ive almost done act 1 on extreme at around 45 min so if i didnt watch that movie with drebin i coulda shaved off like another 10 mins? :/

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Menchi3824d ago

This is certainly not the normal time for completion, even with all cutscenes skipped.
Most players would probably struggle to complete with 10 hours on this difficulty, let alone 5.

Delriach3824d ago

Of course not. The person is playing specifically to get a special item. He is also using a gun that people wouldn't normally have.

PoSTedUP3824d ago

probably running around with the 25mm airburst with stun rounds ; )

Kleptic3824d ago

true...but the PS forums where guys were talking about this emblem were saying that you couln't stun an enemy either...

is it just killing them?...the way the drebin shop works, it actually wouldn't be that hard if you could use flash grenades everywhere and just run right past everyone...chaff grenades for the gekko's/mechanical stuff...and stun/WP grenades for the humans...would be easy, at least in theory...

also, what do you do with the bosses? you have to wait the 3 minutes or whatever for the white room and let them die on their own?...or does killing them not count?...

holy shat though, there are so many awesome weapons in this would suck to not use any of them...

Keowrath3824d ago

The gun you're talking about is the Solar Gun and it makes The Boss Extreme a lot easier (especially the bike chase) If you shoot a downed enemy with it, they will drop a load of ammo.

Tranqs and stuns can all be used, any form of non lethal attack is ok. V ring shot for the shot gun, tranq darts for the Mosin Nagant and MK 22, and also the MK II with it's stealth and electric stun. BUT ammo is scarce, in The Boss Extreme you can only hold 50 MK 22 Trnq rounds and there are no "safety" ammo available to buy from Drebins AT ALL.

The Solar gun fires beams of light and can be recharged wherever the sun shines so it helps A LOT!

BTW, Chaffs don't seem to do a damn thing to Gecko's in TBE difficulty and chaffs are NEVER sold at Drebins (They do help with the Scarabs though)

Black_Jack3824d ago

i just got my big boss emblem for a completion time of 04:58:57 on big boss extreme, its my 3rd playthrough. very very close call if you ask me, i'd have been so piSsed if i'd missed it. i didn't use he solar gun because i havn't unlocked all the statues yet, so i hoarded as many tranq darts as possible which no doubt bumped up my time. my advice is do not pause the game, save whenever you checkpoint and the biggest one is MAKE USE OF THE MK II ITS YOUR BIGGEST ASSET!!! without the mk II i would never have gotten past the first act.

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vickers5003824d ago

It's a response to all the "mgs4 is a 30 hour game" claims.

jackdoe3824d ago

It CAN be a 30 hour game. Hell, there is an emblem for playing more than 30 hours, which I am trying to get right now.

MikeGdaGod3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

no, he is showing HOW to beat it in 5 hours for those that don't think it possible like me.

the game is extremely long even if you skip the cut-scenes. and if you notice, the guy has spent PLENTY of time playing the game since he knows where every enemy will show up way before they appear and has every weapon.

..........try again

i'd also like to add that even though getting the emblem is cool, it looks like trying to get it takes all the fun outta the game.

i do wanna see how he got through ACT 3 without being seen. i need the pointers.

vickers5003824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

"no, he is showing HOW to beat it in 5 hours for those that don't think it possible like me."

No, I didn't mean HIS intent on making the video, I am saying that this is probably why the article got approved.

RecSpec3824d ago

What it's not hard...if you are persistent.

Not shown, the countless amounts of loading saved games after screwing up.

MikeGdaGod3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

ah ok, it just sounded like a dig.

i could see how people think that if it's possible to beat the game in 5 hours, there's no way it can be a 30 hour game. there's nothing further from the truth.

again if people watch this guy play, it's obvious that he's put way more than 30 hours into the game. it's probably his 6 or 7 playthrough. i'm on my second playthrough and even though i'm skipping most cut-scenes, it's still taken me about 5 hours and i'm only in ACT 2.

but then again..........i like to fight. i'm going for 50 knife kills.

Keowrath3824d ago

Scottie, I agree with you, it does take a lot of the fun out of the game and I'll be incredibly pleased to have it done with (I'm at the beginning of act 5 all conditions met at just over 3 hours on my 3rd playthrough) It has been a bit of a chore though to say the least, pretty much constant loading when you screw up, pressing start asap on each cut scene to skip it, not being able to pause and hitting START asap after each load screen.

Thankfully after this, I have all the emblems that involve time limits, no kills and no alerts. With the items I'll have obtained, the next playthrough will be great fun!

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Pizza The Hut3824d ago

I can hear the complaints about "All Sony Games are too Short"..."Great Graphics dont make up for short gameplay"...YADA YADA let hear the best you got FanBoys because its inevitable

Guitarded3824d ago

Go back and look at some early Gears threads Mr. ps3 fanboy. MGS4 is short and overrated, just for you.

sonarus3824d ago

lol so what i am currently working on doing the same. If you beat the game on hardest in 5hrs or less with no kills and no alerts and no continues you get big boss rank along with patriot gun and big boss face camo

Kami3824d ago

i finish it in the socend normal like that in 3:48 hours. then i tried to do the same in the boss extreme but i couldn't because you cant buy non lethal ammo. and if you try to do some cqc they ALWAYS caught me.


good job buddy but i love the cut scenes and the way thes tory is told . I and everybody else that bought metal gear knew that cut scenes came along with it . mgs 4 was made by kojima for his fans. stop spending your life trying to degrade shiii because your life might be degrading .