Call Of Duty Collection Coming To PS4?

Remakes and remasters are all the range these days, titles like Tomb Raider, GTA V and Sleeping Dogs have all received a next-gen upgrade. One franchise that is never in the discussion for remasters is Activision’s Call Of Duty, which ironic considering that a collection has the potential to sell millions of copies on the PS4 and Xbox One. The existence of a collection has possibly been leaked by Portuguese online retailer ‘Worten’. A reddit user, multibount, discovered that the retailer was listing a Call Of Duty collection under the name of ‘Call Of Duty: All In One Edition’. The listing has since been taken off the website.

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That would be a fantastic value if they included all 11 dutys.

Palitera1397d ago

To me, COD4 with a great user base OR COD6 without cheats would already justify much more than 60 bucks.

I really hope this is true.

Army_of_Darkness1397d ago

A cod collection would be like putting all the 4hrs episodes together making it into a fully complete call of duty campaign!! Amazing!!

DeadlyOreo1397d ago

I very much doubt this is going to happen lol. A Modern Warfare Collection or something maybe, but not 10+ titles.

thorstein1397d ago

Plus updating all of those PS3 and PS2 games for the PS4, just isn't in the works. And, I would think that if it were, it would be headed multiplatform.

we4201397d ago

It's possible.. I mean Metal Gear Solid released ALL of its games in a collection.

Travis37081397d ago

That would actually be awesome if true. Tons of maps, guns, campaigns and endless shooting....

filchron1397d ago

when will the killing end...

Alex_Boro1397d ago

Save your time and just put Modern Warfare 1 and 2 in the collection. The rest were trash.

zero_gamer1397d ago

Or just play the two games you want and ignore the rest? Options...

Palitera1397d ago

Not an option. COD4 has a small user base and 6 is a hackfest.
I was a very good player at MW2 and almost every non friend ended up deleting me thinking I used aimbots and always on UAV. Almost every lobby has a cheater in its current and forever state.

Relientk771397d ago

It's never gonna happen but I want Modern Warfare 1 and Black Ops 1

those r my 2 favorites for multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.