Analog Addiction - 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' Review

Halo: The Master Collection is an excellent package of campaigns, but falls short of greatness due to its broken multiplayer.

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SideNote1330d ago

Not as broken now. Just waiting for those playlists now to reappear. But if the game came with no multiplayer whatsoever, its still great value and prob scored 9/10 anyway. I'll call clickbait on this one.

Jamiex661330d ago

Our reviewer is a HARDCORE Halo fan and has had the game since before launch putting in an extensive amount of time. He also told me how sad he was to have to give it the score he did.

You can call clickbait, you'd be wrong, but you certainly can call it. Hopefully you read the review and saw his concerns.

SideNote1330d ago

I do, and was so disappointed with the online aspect too. But maybe now wasn't the best time to release that review with the fixes its had.

Jamiex661330d ago

Our reviewer held his review as long as possible, if anything we are one of the later reviews to go live due to the problems. Sadly, there wasn't much change after all these updates for his experience. Sure it may have fixed some issues for some people, but after speaking with the reviewer in question, he didn't receive a better experience post-patch.

Either way, it's not the best for a review to be delayed this long in hopes of a game working. Its seemed to be a common trend this holiday season, which is unfortunate for gamers.