Five Steam Games that Scream Retro Gaming 2D Side Scrolling Edition

Carl Williams writes, "Steam is a digital distribution service that was created by Valve in an effort to get their games out to gamers more easily. As Steam evolved other publishers were allowed to have their games added to the growing service. Today, Steam represents quite a large chunk of PC game sales and boasts a library of thousands of games. At this point in the life of Steam it is tough to find games that might interest you. In this article I will show you five games that will cater to that nostalgic side of your gaming habit, games that are on Steam right now. 2D side scrolling action titles at one time were the bread and butter of gaming. As consoles gained more power developers moved towards full on 3D gaming, seemingly leaving behind this venerable genre. Steam has become a haven of sorts for 2D side scrolling games. Here are five interesting retro styled action titles worth looking into."

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