How the Xbox One Rewards for Day One Buyers Were Weak

James of Twinfinite writes "A year ago, I woke up at 8am. This isn’t a time I usually wake up at. For the most part, when everyone else is getting breakfast I’m making my way to bed. Seeing any sort of of morning rush hour means that I’m well and truly out of my comfort zone. Cafes are still serving their breakfast menus and none of the pubs are open. Mornings are really weird. This strange, confusing new world would have been much scarier if it hadn’t been for the reason I woke up at this ungodly hour. My quest was simple; collect my Day One Edition Xbox One."

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Dudebro901395d ago

The gaming community is the only one that I have ever seen complain so much about FREE stuff.


Hellsvacancy1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I can kinda understand, I mean Limbo is a GREAT game, but most people would have already played/enjoyed it already, free stuff is great, if you have a use for it

Why not just give the early adopters a $5 code?

Christopher1395d ago

Because they're already bleeding money to sell consoles and increase the potential for games and content on their console. Limbo probably cost them but pennies on each one claimed rather than a whole $5/person.

The fact is, they thought of you and wanted you to know they are thankful for sticking with them during their hardships of getting the console into the hands of fellow gamers. So, they gave you what they could without losing too much money.

Remember, it's often the thought that counts when someone gives you something for nothing.

mikeslemonade1395d ago

Must be a tough live for people who don't got that much money.

You didn't lose if you bought the system at launch because consoles are some of the best value ever. Go try traveling, eating out, watching movies in the theater, etc.

I would argue that the person who waited while doing other lame stuff just to save like $100, is the one who ultimately lost. Life isn't guaranteed.

Pogmathoin1395d ago

Never before did you get free stuff.... Ever! You bought consoles... Bought games..... Now getting freebies seems to be insulting.... Wtf is wrong with this generation of gamers..... Unreal...... No wonder every other industry laughs at videogaming.....

conanlifts1395d ago

Although often it's the journalists, rather than the gaming community that are moaning in order to get "clicks". Personally I havn't seen a gamer moan about suddenly being given Limbo for free. It wasn't expected so I was happy with that. Kudos to MS, in the last 12 months they have really turned things around. This is why we need competition and why we need both companies to succeed.

mhunterjr1395d ago

Had they given nothing, no one would be complaining... silly entitled people..

Tedakin1395d ago

Agreed. No one would have known the difference.

Godmars2901395d ago

After a $50 price drop for the holidays and upwards to five free games in bundles, think some people would complain.

Bobby Kotex1395d ago

Lol, you paid for being an early adopter. No one owes you anything.

Christopher1395d ago

And people who would complain about it are just as silly as people who would complain about the PS3 new models that dropped the price from $600 to $400 or so a year after its release.

You pay a premium for being an early adopter in practically all things.

halfblackcanadian1395d ago

"A year ago I woke up at 8am...My quest was simple; collect my Day One Edition Xbox One [and start dreaming about all the rewards I would receive for making that decision all on my own accord]"

Tedakin1395d ago

You got FREE stuff. You don't deserve it. Sony didn't give out anything. Stop acting like entitled gamers. And don't give me that "but but but they dropped the price." crap either. You chose to buy it day one all on your own. No one strong armed you. Play Limbo and hush.

Raider691395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Actually when i brought my PS4 DAY ONE Sony gave me 3 months PS+,Killzone shadowfall,+one extra controller,+ the camara,i bought the gamer bundle for only 450€ so now make the math!

Svinya1395d ago

Limbo is an absolute gem and a classic. Stfu and enjoy it.

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