Why the PC is the future of gaming

Where console platforms have merciless and well-funded PR armies poised to combat any criticism, negative stories about the PC - mostly publishers, or developers like Crtyek, complaining of rampant piracy and flat sales - run unimpeded. Sales data that focuses solely on boxed copies sold at retail appear to back them up. Valve has had enough. "There's a perception problem," says Newell. "The stories that are getting written are not reflecting what is really going on."
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Although all consoles now offer download services and support for indie game development, Audiosurf's creator believes his game could only have happened on PC.

You want figures? There are 260 million online PC gamers, a market that dwarfs the install base of any console platform, online or offline. Each year, 255 million new PCs are made; not all of them for gaming, it's true, but Newell argues that the enormous capital investment and economies of scale involved in this huge market ensure that PCs remain at the cutting edge of hardware development, and consoles their "stepchildren", in connectivity and graphics technology especially. Meanwhile, Valve's business development guru, Jason Holtman, notes that without the pressure of cyclical hardware cycles, PC gaming projects - he points to Steam as an example - can grow organically, over long periods of time, and with no ceiling whatsoever to their potential audiences.

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HighDefinition3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

But this is NOT likely. Consoles are now referred to as videogames in the mainstream. Most big exclusives are on consoles, more and more devs are moving to consoles. PC gaming is a dying industry, I think it`s a very hard thing for Pro PC gamers to get over, but it`s TRUE.

When I was young, all games were referred to as "computer games"

iamtehpwn3794d ago

It's not like last gen when there's a huge difference between PC and consoles either. Games on console are looking absolutely amazing (See: Uncharted, MGS4, Gears of War 2).

Look. All I'm saying, I'd much rather spend my money on a PS3 or a 360, and get stable, unified online play, and play a wider variety of games, that I know will work for the moment I buy IN full graphics. Even A wii is also a great Party experience when you have friends to come over.

dktxx23794d ago

The problem with pc gaming is that nowadays you can't buy a normal computer and expect it to play games. If its not designed for games, then it won't play them well. That totally kills the casual market for gaming. Most pc developers develop games that require too much power for an ordinary computer to handle. And then to make it worse, the pc average requirements for a game are going up to quickly. And to make it even more worse, our economy is blowing balls right now, and Gas company execs could order our president to wipe their ass nice and sparky. Fix all that, and then pc gaming will be the future.

HighDefinition3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

"The problem with pc gaming is that nowadays you can't buy a normal computer and expect it to play games. If its not designed for games, then it won't play them well. That totally kills the casual market for gaming. Most pc developers develop games that require too much power for an ordinary computer to handle"

And with consoles.....EVERY games you buy for that system will work w/ that system w/o physical upgrades. It`s hard to match that in the PC world.

The_Irrelevant_One3794d ago

All these things mentioned are part of the whole problem PC gamers are facing. Consoles have always been specialized gaming devices which has allowed them to focus on a smaller set of hardware (and software) to ease development and simplify the experience for the gamer crowd which in turn allows them to obtain exclusive agreements with game studios to develop titles for their platform. However, it is clear that consoles are beginning to become more general-purpose computers; the first step is the whole media-center move they seem to be taking. Maybe it's cyclical?

LaChance3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Grew up with consoles and a controller n not a keyboard and mouse.
And thats the case for ALOT of todays gamers.

Consoles rules in todays world simply because thats where the money is at.

Maybe they are more PC gamers all together but they arent the ones feeding and keeping the industry alive.

Consumers have changed their perception of videogaming and even for me a "hardcore" gamer PC gaming looks like for geeks and/or those who are ready to spend big cash on equipment.

You pay 400 euros for a console and keep it 5/6 years and you got all the comfort , hassle free gaming experience unlike on PC.

Anyway with casual gaming taking up more and more space I think PC gaming will eventually become a "niche" market.

Pizza The Hut3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

PC Gaming used to OWN video game Sales....Console Gaming has taken its crown and never really looked back...Now its up to PC gaming to regain some of its lost ground with such venues as STEAM......Now PC gaming is considered for Hardcore Gamers(World of Warcraft, etc...) and Consoles get all of the rest of the gaming market

Baka-akaB3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

i got 3 reasons to go back to pc at some point ... and silly thing is they have been from the same devs for years already : blizzard and , basically a spin off blizzard ...

Only thing i'm currently looking forward on pc are Starcraft 2 , Diablo 3 and guild wars 3 ...
And before that it was already War3 , wow , and guild wars . everything else seems to bore me lately or is available on console too .

Once upon a time pc fps used to be a force to reckon with ... especially with ID software and Epic , games that would indeed push the enveloppe on the technical side , but also would have great gameplay in solo and/or multi .
Now what do we got to show at the frontline ? a bland game like crysis , more preoccupied with being a display for graphic cards , than an actually noteworthy fps .

As for multiplayer ? when was the last time we had a hit as huge as Counterstrike on pc ? Now it's halo and cod4's age on consoles . At least thanks the gods for TF2 ...
When was the last time we had a frenetic multi shooter like quake 2 or 3 ? Only unreal seems to remains .

And i only mentioned fps ... imo and for all i care , PC gaming is basically rotting on its own and surviving mostly feeding from MMOS ... stuck on a loop with games only getting prettier .

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