Parity: The New Hate in Gaming

GameGrin's Calum Perry writes: "In this article I want to talk about how parity has started to affect this new generation of gaming and the ports that have ruined otherwise great games. I’m not an expert, I’m just someone who wants to share their thoughts and opinion."

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joab7771392d ago

It isn't parity. An example of parity might be the NFL. There is more parity now than there used to be back when the Cowboys and 49ers dominated for yrs.

This is called the lowest common denominator, dumbing down all versions to the lowest. Parity would exist of the xbone and PS4 were equivalent to the PC, and thus every iteration of a game ended up being the same.

There is actually less parity then there has ever been. PC'S are evolving at an exponential rate (for higher end PC's) and it's hard for consoles to keep up. The PS4 is doing well now b/c it's new and designed to take advantage of its tech to the fullest. But, this won't last long, as consoles will slip further and further behind.

So, I'm tired of hearing about parity. This is forcing PC and PS4 gamers to experience a game at its lowest possible settings. I guess you could call it forced parity.

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medman1392d ago

The "aiming for parity" issue doesn't effect me....I don't buy games from developers who "aim for parity". I vote with my wallet, and my wallet doesn't like bullshot devs who don't put the work in to make the best version for each platform they can make given their budget and time constraints.