PlayStation 4 Sales Top 15M Worldwide, Over 50M Games Sold at Retail

VGChartz Writes: "Sony's 8th generation home console the PlayStation 4 has hit two more milestones just one week after the console topped 14 million units sold worldwide and five million units sold in the US.

The PlayStation 4 has now sold more than 15 million units worldwide. The PS4 has sold 15,087,310 units for the week ending November 22, 2014, according to VGChartz. The PlayStation 4 has also sold more than 50 million games worldwide at retail, with 57,151,113 games sold."

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DEEBO1361d ago

Great year sony can't wait for 2015!

trunkswd1361d ago

The PlayStation 4 should easily get to 18 million by the end of year and possibly top 20 million.

Abash1361d ago

Congratulations to Sony for the impressive milestone, but this is only the beginning for the PlayStation 4.

2014 was just a warm up for Sony, the PlayStation Experience event just shows that "Greatness Arrives" in the coming months with 2015

1361d ago
brew1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

@edonus , come back to reality

Tthey shipped 13.5 through the end of September.

They obviously sold a lot of PS4's in the month of September to consumers (500k+ in NA alone) , and will no doubt have shipped more consoles in October and November , and soon to be December. Dat holiday thirst.

Death1361d ago

It's VGC so take this "news" with a grain of salt. When Sony hit's the 15 million mark, they will have an official press release. If Sony shipped 13.5 million at the end of September and 10% were in the retail channel, they should be getting close to the 15 million mark soon. 18 million shipped by January is not unreasonable. Sold thru should always be within 1 million of shipped since the retail channel doesn't seem to carry much more than that. Since the system isn't selling out like it was last year it's unreasonable to think shipped and sold thru are as close.

Same holds true for Microsoft. When they announce they were "close" to 10 million shipped, they should be very close to 9 million sold unless they are channel stuffing. We haven't seen any indications that they are flooding the retail channels.

If I were just pulling numbers out of the air like VGC I would guess PS4 to be close to 14.5 million sold thru and Microsoft being in the neighborhood of 9.5 million sold thru. I'm basing this off their recent shipped announcements and the fact we haven't seen either camp announce they hit the 10 and 15 million milestones.

lodossrage1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )


Sorry to tell you, but anyone who AGREES with you are the ones not living in reality.

That 13.5 shipped number was 13.5 shipped AS OF Sept 30.


Gotta love those facts :)

That aside, this IS vgchartz, so take their estimations at your own risk. But even with that, it is feasable that they'd be at or close to the 15 million mark given the amount of time from the 13.5 Sept 30 announcment

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bouzebbal1361d ago

so let me get this straight: Sony announced PS4 passed 10million and e3 and just 4 months later they add another 5 even during the very low summer period? this is mad!

chrismichaels041361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued worldwide success. It has been an incredible first year for the PS4 and the perfect way to kick off the impressive 20 year anniversary of the PlayStation brand.

@Edonus - We as a gaming community are not celebrating VGchatzs estimates. We're celebrating the fact that all year long, every time VG Chartz reported a high sales mark for PS4...Sony would always confirm those numbers a short time later.

Perfect example, 3 weeks ago when "Sony themselves" reported they shipped 13.5 million was right after VGChartz reported PS4 had passed 13 million sales. Once again, Sony confirmed VGchartz' estimates were not 100% accurate....but very close nonetheless.

morganfell1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )



Look familiar? This is you bragging about 360 sales by quoting vgchartz numbers in a a vgchartz article.

Death1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )


The last 2607 days have made it very clear VGC is not a valid source. There was a time when VGC simply tracked numbers released by reputable sources including the manufacturer. I don't know why they changed from reporting released numbers and started claiming to track them on their own, but it has become very clear their numbers are fabrications or just plain guesses. I appreciate you going back 7 years to try and discredit me, but maybe you could take that time to prove VGC is credible instead.

p.s. I said it was interesting. You really see that as bragging?

morganfell1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

You were busted pure and simple. No amount of absurd sidestepping or ridiculous wriggling will erase the facts. It is hypocrisy.

When I read your comment above I simply went to the first page of your remarks when you joined the site. When I clicked to the second page, there you were putting your foot in your mouth.

The second page.

I didn't even have to dig. I wonder what I will find if I keep going. Is that what you really want? I can only imagine what you said when the 360 was outselling the PS3 in the US.

And yes in that post you are using vgchartz numbers to brag about the sales of 360 software. You should have thought long and hard, then exercized the use of your memory before you posted in this thread.

Countless times I have reported vgchartz and tried to have them removed from this site. Some of us have always known it is a trash site and not just when the numbers they reported didn't support our console of choice.

Take your finger out of the wind. It is obvious which way it is blowing. But if you like, go ahead and keep digging that hole deeper. You words are undeniable and you are simply burying yourself.

And I didn't discredit you. You discredited you. You sank your boat all by your lonesome. You are the one that flip flops your opinion to suit the flavor of the day. It shouldn't matter if it is 7 years or 7 minutes. You either stick to your beliefs or you do not. And you do not.

Christopher1361d ago

@morganfell: You act as if a person is ignorant 7 years ago, they should remain as such. It's as if you are against someone learning from their past or something.

morganfell1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )


If you really knmow his post history, really know it then you wouldn't jump in with such an lofty yet naive statement. It is one of those remarks that looks good on paper, and seems to espouse the truth. Yet when magnified against the facts in practical application it fails to bear itself out.

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kws10651361d ago

VGC always underestimates PS4 sales, so my safe guess is somewhere near to 16M. I am expecting a presentation showing over 16 millions (sell-through? maybe?) on Dec. 6th, PS experience day.

Jaqen_Hghar1360d ago

PS3 only reached about 8m by the end of its second holiday just to put this incredible success into perspective :O

UltraNova1360d ago


Man I truly don't know whether to admire your perseverance in uncovering stealth trols on n4g or worry about you hahaha...

With that said man I wish true fan was still around!!...or is he?

dredgewalker1360d ago

I'm happy for Sony that the PS4 is selling and that would translate to more devs making games for it. The Xbox One is making a recovery and that is good cause it means both companies will strive to better off each other. It's a win win for us games so it's unnecessary to bicker over it.

Paprika1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )


Outside of reality 13.5m + 300k "low weekly ww sales, its actually higher" + 4 "4 weeks in a month lol" = 14.7m...

Chances are, outside of reality by now ps4 is well over 15m...

Sarcasm... its reality.... lol

MazzingerZ1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Just for the record
-15 dec 2007 had X360 sold 15M, 2 years after launch and including releases of games like Gears of War and Halo 3 which sold lots of X1 is rather selling as well as X360 but mostly thanks to cut prices just some months after launch.

-It took 21 months for the PS3 to sell 15M, consider that PS3 launched in PAL territories 6 months after US and JP...despite of that, it reached 15M faster than X360...the end of the story we know today.

-15 dec 2007 had the Wii 17M consoles sold thanks to the innovation and risk Nintendo took.

So PS4 is selling really at a record level and without yet releasing the big guns or cutting the price...if PS3 caught up thanks to great 1st party support, I can't imagine what PS4 will achieve if it gets that same 1st party support + based on what we have seen more 3rd party support than what the PS3 got.

Can't wait to see what the PS Experience is all about

Seafort1360d ago


Sony announced they'd sold 10 mil to customers at Gamescom back in August.

It's Microsoft who have been very coy with their sold to customers figures. Still no one knows what the Xbone total sales are apart from the 5 million sold they announced back in April.

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Death1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )


For someone that knows my post history so well, how is it you only show posts that you claim back up your opinion? How did you miss this when trolling through my post history?

"lol at VGcharts.
I always giggle when I see VGCharts guesstimations. They are getting better at guessing, but they are still guessing. Unless they use witchcraft and/or voodoo to come up with the numbers. I suppose anything is possible"

2178 days ago.

I stand by my posts, current and history. Do you?

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frezhblunts1361d ago

They have sold a lot I just can't wait for some good games, Bloodborne will be the beginning of a whole catalog of exclusives that will make you run to the ps4 ;).

SpinalRemains1381361d ago


Everyone loves their PS4 and its wild right now in popularity.

When the AAA exclusives launch next year, a few months now really, it is going to be truly epic.

Bloodborne is going to take off like a rocket.

PHOEBUS1361d ago

i can't wait for all the japanese games to start flooding the market—it's like the best of both worlds on PS4

stuna11361d ago

Who would have ever thought the PS4 would have become the run away success it is!? I'm sure Microsoft didn't! 17 to 18 million consoles sold is very likely before years end.

When 2015 rolls around with all the games scheduled to release, I predict Sony doing a repeat performance of this year with another 15 to 20 million sold.

Muzikguy1361d ago

Something that I find strange.... I went into a Best Buy today and couldn't believe how many X1 consoles were out compared to the tiny stack of PS4 consoles. Shocked I was like "what's with all the Xbox all of a sudden?" The middle-school looking employee said "heh, they must be selling". I wanted to slap him! I just walked away thinking "if they were selling so well why would the price keep dropping." It's ok though, I don't think he'd understand.

Kribwalker1361d ago

I was at target for the 6am opening at a store just outside of Vancouver for the Canadian Black Friday deals and the Xbox one at $349 with a $50 gift card was sold right out, they were handing out tickets to get them and ran out while I was in line for an iPad mini, and there was a stack of the GTA/last of us ps4 bundle at $449 and I only saw one gone outa the stack. So with the deals maybe they are selling well

rainslacker1361d ago

Floor space, particularly in the isles, is often paid for by the manufacturer. On some occasions, they leave some sale items out that they expect to sell well(like TV's or computers) because it's quicker than having to get the employees get them down for the people that come in for them. In any case, if someone were going in to get that, they would be able to find it fast, then Best Buy hopes you'll go buy a couple games.

However, I do expect the X1 to sell well this holiday. There are a lot of good deals out there for it.

ThanatosDMC1361d ago

Most Targets put the X1 in the best view of customers just like in Gamestop. PS4s are usually in the back with 3DSs. Actually now that I think about it, X1s are also in the front of the game section in Walmarts. MS must be paying more for the space.

Svinya1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Huh? The X1 has been selling extremely well this whole month and especially the last few days. I've seen a bunch of pics from different targets and best buys with the x1 sold out of stock.

Eejanaika1360d ago

Hes just their to sell things and assist people. Not to be a pro expert on marketing and consoles.

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kenshiro1001360d ago

I really need to get my PS4.

This is insane.

Congrats to Sony.

Zero-One1360d ago

See? I'm telling people, if this system is this successful, Sony is doing SOMETHING right.

BallsEye1360d ago

where do they get their numbers from? I see no source.

DigitalRaptor1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I wouldn't worry your little boots.

Sony will come along soon enough and confirm it with a press release. Hey, there's a great event coming up in a few days, I wonder if they will announce it there? Probably.

GameLover561360d ago

Not 15 million shipped

13.5 shipped ( not counting how many PS4 where returned also )million story is false reporting accurate number Sony Clarified it

Seafort1360d ago

And how many X360s did Microsoft get returned when the RROD fiasco hit? I bet that was a few million as well considering the failure rate was around 30%.

Microsoft have been fudging numbers for years just like my UK government :)

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monkeyDzoro1361d ago

When analysts predicted when PS4 launched, that it could reach 12M by the end of this year, I was like "Bullshit. Great console but.. NO WAAAAy !!"
Now it topped 15M... with "NO GAMES".
What will happen when the "GAMES" will come like a flood ??
TheOrder1886, Bloodborne, Rime, Uncharted4 and other announcements for sure. These guys are on a roll with those sales.

TheJacksonRGN1361d ago

It has games, stop with this "NO GAMES" nonsense. It doesn't have a ton of exclusives, but it has games.

Anyway this just shows that exclusives are not the only types of games that push units.

monkeyDzoro1361d ago

Sarcasm... sarcasm......... >_>

MakinBaconXD1360d ago

And people say this site is full of "Sony Ponies"....Funny cause for a lot of this month it has been nothing but an Xbox fanboy circle jerk on this site.

frezhblunts1361d ago

It doesn't have games tho unless you mean indie games. When I say it doesn't have games, I mean between xbox one and ps4 they have a lot of the same games but like monkey with those games coming that will really make the ps4 a contender. I brought my wii u for those Nintendo exclusives for example.

stuna11361d ago

So what has 15 million gamer been doing twiddling their thumbs!? /s

This misconception about no games, is just that; a misconception! And those who say otherwise couldn't possibly own a PS4, because if they did they would know to the contrary.

Death1361d ago

There have been no games that would drive sales like we have seen. Typically we see big, must have games to push hardware. The PS4 has been selling without games that make the system stand apart from the competition. Even Playstation Lifestyle believes the Xbox has the better games to this point. So yeah, the PS4 has plenty of games, just not games that justify the console sales. There is nothing wrong with this, it's simply an anomaly we don't normally see.

frezhblunts1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

oh yeah stuna and what game on the ps4 made you say oh I must go get a ps4 now because of this game? I got my ps4 early because I was honestly worried about the shortages since they were selling so fast and I wanted elder scrolls online. So far I have only brought games because they were the only games and I will list them. Infamous second son, last of us remastered, destiny, cod aw, unity, and I didn't get gta 5, far cry 4 and little big planet. If you think about it most of games I mention didn't come out till this month and only three I mentioned are exclusives to the ps4...... lol people are so in love with their ps4 they are just blind. I have a ps4 and wii u ....

OB1Biker1361d ago

I didnt want a PS4 that early but I bought the PS4 Infamous bundle because of the game precisely or I would have bought it a bit later on.
Very happy I did

CaptainObvious8781361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

No matter how many times I use this link to instantly shut down stupid arguments, people just keep coming back with these 'ps4' has no games.

Seriously guys, just stop. It's not funny any more.

rainslacker1361d ago

Eh, who cares really if the PS4 has games or not. Apparently people think there are games for it if they're buying them, along with an average of over 3 games for each system sold(excluding digital).

So while some people may not like the games offered for whatever reason, there is certainly something driving sales. I highly doubt that hype and good will have pushed the PS4 to such a high number in less than a year. Taking hype and good will out of the equation, that leaves the most obvious thing for a gaming

FATHASUN1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

@Death, this "anomaly" is why some cannot fathom what the landscape will look like when Sony not only awakens system selling properties but also brings fresh new experiences into the fray. If the PS4 is selling so strong now without those movers what happens when they let down the gauntlet?

kenshiro1001360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Newsflash, Indies *ARE* games.

Stop with that dumb nonsense already.

Then how do you explain the sales? Obviously people must know the PS4 has games, otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their hard earned money on it.

You people are ridiculous.

JMyers1360d ago

The PS3 had way more games than the 360, and the PS4 has way more games than the X1. Go read, research, get some knowledge and then come back.

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Muzikguy1361d ago

I think it's safe to say that gamers are hungry. I know I don't speak for everyone, but last gen had a lot of disappointments IMO. I'm also hoping for a rebirth of RPG games, turn-based ones. I love how horror is making a comeback!

Svinya1361d ago

Turn based rpgs are some of the silliest games ever. Who takes turns and waits patiently while fighting to the death???

majedx91360d ago

if U love RBG get dragon age inquisition it's my GOTY for 2014.

KevWriter1360d ago

I really miss turn-based games. Hoping they make a comeback too. Any time I need a fix, I have to turn to my old PS2 games - but I can't do that forever.

Muzikguy1361d ago

According to this the attach rate is 3.5 retail games per person? Oops! I have 7 with more on the way :P

zerog1360d ago

I have 11 AAA retail games plus 22 indies/minis, yet people still say it has no games lol. I'm not even counting lbp because its in my closet waiting on xmas or any of the other games I have preordered.

nitus101360d ago

Sure the games that are currently available for the PS4 may not be compelling for you and in some respects for me but "NO GAMES", that's just plain trolling.

As for the rest of your statement I actually agree with you.

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elazz1361d ago

As of next week it will be over 16.5 million and after December and holidays it will reach 20m

98xpresent1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Congratz Sony !!! Can't wait for next year . #GREATNESSCONTINUES