The Remarkable Possibility Of ZombiU 2

"A recent Amazon France listing seems to indicate that a sequel to the Wii U launch title ZombiU might be on the way. Originally, of course, ZombiU was developed and published by Ubisoft; this says the sequel is being published by Bandai Namco, releasing next October. To add some credence to the leak, someone spotted that Ubisoft has abandoned all but one of their trademarks on ZombiU.

So what does this all mean? Well, it’s probably just a mistake. Probably. The whole idea is kind of ridiculous; how often do you see sequels both developed and published by a completely different company? But considering previous leaks by Amazon France have been accurate, we should probably take a second look. This rumor is so ridiculous that it might just be real."

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Amigaengine1360d ago

Well anything is possible no matter how unlikely.

wonderfulmonkeyman1360d ago

Considering the first one had a lot of things that could have been improved upon, I'd welcome a sequel to see these things possibly fixed, as the premise of the first game wasn't a bad one and I'd like to see them try again.

Summons751359d ago

I hope so. The first game had such a great concept but the combat was much to be desired. There were some other things that could be improved at well. I would love to see a sequel if they could improve what made the first a bit weak.

Nerdmaster1359d ago

For me, ZombiU had only one big "problem": it was too scary. Every time I went back to the safe house, I just didn't want to leave it and face the horror that waited for me outside.

Perjoss1359d ago

One of the very best zombie games I've ever played, great atmosphere, I'm drooling at the possibility of a sequel.

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