Never Watermark A Perfectly Good Boob Shot

Article pokes fun at website for putting giant watermark over the boobs of the "exclusive" Catwoman render they received. Site claims it is from the upcoming MK vs DCU game.

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"The watermarks in this photo couldn't have been in a worse place. Just a hair higher and this photo would be worthless. Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea?

There is no good reason to do this. Not even if you are on the receiving end of an exclusive video game render. Find somewhere else to put the watermark and let those kittens breathe!"

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Nostradavis3792d ago

Can we all agree to never watermark boobs?

Sangria3792d ago

Pro-tips: if you really want to watermark a picture, make sure we can read it.

Nostradavis3792d ago

Pro-tip #2: Never watermark over any female parts that men may want to look at -- we already have enough censors for that kind of stuff.

ianp6223792d ago

Pro-tip #3 (Sorry I had to go with it): Never watermark a picture period (unless you're going to sell a copy) because anyone with photoshop can easily remove it.

joemayo763792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

so i guess nowadays the location of some watermark is considered newsworthy. I'm only commenting on this to criticize the writer of this so called, "article" so other readers will hopefully learn to be less shallow by not voting for this rubbish.

sorry but ppl need to grow up sometimes seriously.

Nostradavis3792d ago

In a gaming news world that is crammed with resolution debates and "will it or won't it come out on my console" garbage 99% of the time it is good to have a laugh once and a while at someone who takes the time to look at things a little differently than everyone else.

How many times can you stomach reading the same garbage written the same way over and over? Lighten up.

joemayo763792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I don't make an effort to respond to ppls replies to my comments, but surprisngly that was actually one of the 1st actual legitimate responses i've read.

Although i do disagree with u (im not gunna give u a disagree tho just to even up) my comment is in regards to the ur statement of needing a laugh every once and a while from all the seriousness going on. Now lets just step back for a sec and look at some of these articles on the front page: ban this sick filth! SEGA ad is hilarious, Fanboys "fight" back, Duke Nukem for president no comeon im all up for a laugh (who isn't) but come on some of these even fail at being "good for a laugh" and are just soo poorly written. And when you say people who look at things from a different point of view, what view is that from a 12-13 yr old? anyway i guess we can agree to disagree :)

well w/e and as for the comment of getting over myself?? I never was full of myself (is pointing out a fact a form of arrogance?)

well anyways props bro for letting me kno ur 2 cents instead of the guys who just click the disagree button

penguinhunter3792d ago

I'm not going to lie...

Big fan of boobies over here!

(.) (.)

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