PS4 turns one in Europe, Sony teases 'this is just the beginning'

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss Jim Ryan has spoken on the success of PlayStation 4 as the console celebrates its first anniversary in PAL regions today.

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guyman1362d ago

"its "(ps4) first year has hosted some truly memorable titles"

Realistically speaking, it hasn't exclusive wise, maybe infamous second but nothing other than that.

user38319101362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Which is why PS4 has better rated exclusives, more retail and indie exclusives then Xbox One. Have you forgotten Final Fantasy 14? Or Littlebig Planet 3? Or Killzone Shadow Fall? Or The Last of Us?

Svinya1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Killzone was boring and I already played TLOU on my ps3, lbp is for kids.

Sorry to say it, but the xbox has the better exclusives in the last 12 months.

pedrof931362d ago

What about MLB the show ?

LBP 3 is for kids ? Dude please. You're a kid.

Ezz20131362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )


i never played LBP before but even looking at the trailers show that
it's far from kids game

user38319101362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Well look at you Svinya. They wouldn't make a The Last of Us remaster if everyone had already played it. No Xbox One exclusive comes even close to topping The Last of Us. I am an adult and I love Little Big Planet. Maybe I should call your Forza games for kids too because it is rated for everyone. Lol name me the better exclusives because not one tops The Last of Us or Final Fantasy 14. I'll be dead before you come up with an answer

Hey look a troll comment from you

"Looks like the Xbox software attach rates are still higher than Sony's, as usual. Not surprising, seeing as how most sony fans spend their time on here trolling or counting pixels on forums, and the xbox owners spend it actually playing"

The only Killzone you played is the zone that Xbox One is being killed in

hiredhelp1362d ago

LBP For kids seriously wow guess im a 35 yr old kid then
Its a game that gives the player a creative mind and to invite there freinds and publish there creative levels across the world.
This game to you may seem for kids but rather more complex.

Repjaws1362d ago

Killzone is only boring in the story department,who gives a shit that you played it on PS3 its for the people that missed out on it,LBP is for kids? Are you kidding me?Have you seem the massively detaed levels? Oh you haven't?LBP is for both kids and adults so stop trolling.

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kranker1362d ago

Yeah i kind of agree but the exclusive wagon will gain pace in the next year. I personally cant wait

Omran1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Yeah :)

The Last of Us
Infamous Second Son
Infamous First Light ( Standalone DLC, Retail)
Final Fantasy
Drive Club
War Thunder


12 months !!! lol rather than titanfall in the early of 2014 what else did they get ?! from february till september
nothing :)

LBP for kids lol this doesn't mean it's not an exclusive
I can say the same thing to sunset overdrive because of the cartoonish style try harder next time :)

you say that you played the last of us also I can say the same thing I can say that Halo MCC with many players played it before on xbox 360 and original xbox so no point to play it again :)

killzone boring doesn't mean it is not an exclusive by your logic I can say all xbox one exclusives are boring so they don't have any exclusives in 2014 !

gamers this days by their double standards :)

theshredded1362d ago

AAA wise I agree but I really hate it when people leave out indie games,it's like they're non existent.I enjoyed Velocity 2x ,Resogun & The binding of isaac than almost every AAA game & those were ps plus games!lBP 3 reviews are on par with Infamous,I don't know y u left that out

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MasterCornholio1362d ago

Happy birthday to my launch PS4 then.


bigboss201362d ago

Picked up the white ps4 in September I love it have no regrets been with PlayStation since the 90s bring on 2015 I say the games are gonna rule :D happy birthday ps4 :D

1362d ago
captain_slow821362d ago

my warranty is now over time strip her down and get cleaning her insides :P

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