The Wii U 2014 report card: Games trump innovation

Great games are making the Wii U more attractive than it was a year ago.

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JeffGrubb1113d ago

And it still has better visuals than PS4 or Xbox One a lot of the time.

wonderfulmonkeyman1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

Let's not be ridiculous here.
If there's ever a point that the Wii U's visuals OUTRANK the PS4 or XBone, it's because the developer of the game in question did a crap job at optimizing it.
The graphics capability of the Wii U is lower than the other two.
Not by a horrible amount, but still lower.

Having said that; Many if not most of the Wii U's games do not look terrible by any stretch of opinion, other than that of a graphics whore that hates Nintendo, when looked at objectively, so it doesn't need to "beat out" the other two to have beautiful looking games.

AJBACK2FRAG1113d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto said the Wii U is upgradable.

wonderfulmonkeyman1113d ago

@ AJ
Got a source for that statement?
I haven't heard of it before now, and I doubt they'd just hand those upgrades out for people to do themselves in any case, so I'd like to see where you got the info from.

darkronin2291113d ago

I'm surprised there wasn't too many Wii U deals for Black Friday. Probably would've picked one up if it was cheap enough.

wonderfulmonkeyman1113d ago

Depends on where you are living.
Where I am, there were PLENTY of deals...