Best CPUs for Gaming – Black Friday Buyer's Guide, 2014

GamersNexus: "This next guide focuses on the best Intel & AMD gaming CPUs on the market, ranging from ultra-budget (~$100) options to high-end semi-production solutions (~$300). Consider following our gaming motherboard buyer's guide to accompany any CPU purchases."

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MMOBytes1325d ago

add "AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core" to the list, and I'd say it is complete. Decent article.

awi59511324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

The amd 9370 offers the best bang for the buck. Its the only amd cpu that doesnt crap over single core performance for multicore performance. Games like world of warcraft actually work on the 9370. Thats something i havent been able to say about amd since the phenom cpus. Also on ebay you can find the higher up cpu for the same price for the 9370 if you are lucky.

Lon3wolf1324d ago

220W though, I'll stick with my 8350 until AMD sort that out.

awi59511324d ago

My corsair 850 doesnt even notice it while it powers dual 280x cards.

Agent_hitman1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Intel Core i7 is the way to go. But if you want an all in one APU for PC then you should choose AMD Aseries or FX cpus because it has a built-in or embedded RADEON GCN core for games.

So like I said if you don't have enough money to burn for a videocard for the time being, then you can choose to buy the AMD APU which is the Processor alone for gaming purposes, though it depends on what entry of AMD APU you would want to buy because there are also low end of AMD APUs as well. With that being said, if you want a powerful AMD APU that can pawned or blow the Intel horsedick Graphics out of the water then you should buy AMD FX 8000-9000 series with high end Graphics chip built in and you will not be disappointed.

But if you have enough money to build a new PC with complete components then you should choose Intel for CPU and Nvidia Geforce for Videocard. And Commodore 64 and Atari Jaguar for nostalgia! Just kidding.

brainfart1325d ago

Fx 8350 going for $150 on some sites thats a great deal!!!

Kalowest1325d ago

I got my i7-4790K for $250

TardcoreGamer1325d ago

All you need is an overclockable Core i5 (quad core) CPU for gaming. Skip the i7's, hyperthreading is largely irrelevant for gaming. The $100~ you save could be better spent on a faster graphics card. This is common knowledge in the PC community.

hiredhelp1325d ago

TardcoreGamer is spot on with his ansew.

Ark_1325d ago

Xeon E3-1231 v3; best bang for the buck imo, if you built an all around working and gaming machine.
Other than that: what TardcoreGamer said.

Roccetarius1324d ago

I'm sure we'll see I7's become more relevant for gaming in the future, maybe even required.

AndrewLB1323d ago

The current price for an Core i7 4790K is $249 which is damn good but if I were in the market for a CPU right now, i'd do what I did when I bought my current CPU (i5-4670k) and save that $100 and purchase a Core i5 4690K, which is currently $169 @ microcenter. My 4670k overclocks to 4.4ghz with ease and never goes above 65'c because I popped off the heat spreader, reduced it's height so it makes contact with the CPU core, and reinstalled the IHS. dropped temps 30'c.

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