It’s Time to Let Link Speak

Its been long enough. It's time we let one of Nintendo's oldest and most popular characters finally have his say.

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Romudeth1332d ago

This will never happen of course since Nintendo isn't exactly a forward thinking company. They don't pay attention to the wider gaming world. They have theirs heads in the sand and just do what has worked for them in the past. They fail to see that their adherence to tradition is what is slowly killing the company.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1332d ago

clearly you dont understand the Zelda franchise

iSuperSaiyanGod1332d ago

Clearly you're in denial , nintendo is falling behind . From a Zelda , pokemon & mario love. They can at least throw in some voices ... It is pretty annoying and if you say you've never pondered the thought you're lying lol

ChickeyCantor1332d ago

" Clearly you're in denial",

BS. Link having a voice does not mean "progress" or "Forward". It's just an alternative storytelling mechanic. I'm fine with everyone else talking ( suffice the acting is up the par ). But I most definitely don't want link to open his mouth.

Big_Game_Hunters1332d ago

, so what happens when freeman doesn't have a voice if Half Life 3 ever comes out, will that be valve falling behind even though if HL3 ever does release, it will be the pinnacle of videogame technology at the time.
You cleary don't play a lot of games outside of the usual AC,COD ,and ND games....

and yes i have ponderd the thought, but what i imagined it woud be like i didn't like, although if they did do it, Nintendo would pull it off.

theshonen88991331d ago

Is Skyrim killing itself slowly? How about Half Life or Dishonored?

Having your character speak isn't "progress", it's killing immersion.

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N4g_null1332d ago

Forward thinking like sega right? How about EA... oh ubisoft they are so forward thinking.

How about sony make some AAA platformers? Sports titles? Hey a real rpg or better yet a game with real game play.

What is this forward thinking you speak of? How about qualities and game should posses?

How about every one release a game that isn't broken day one?

remixx1161332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

A game with real gameplay?? I'm starting to think fanboys aren't very forward thinking either, most of you just stick to what works for you and don't open your eyes.

Little big planet 3, MLB the show, persona 5, there you go all real games with real gameplay. I'm sorry your pinned to your petty console stereotypes.

Chrischi19881332d ago


Just like nintendo, who makes new IPs, but you guys dont acknowledge them as a new IP. What was Wii Sports? A new game, that just sold over 80 million times, but because Sony gave you guys The Last of Us, this counts for being a new IP 2 gens in a row.

iSuperSaiyanGod1332d ago

People like you is why the game community sucks right now . Just ungrateful complainers . Don't like the games or company's ? Go make your own and do better , can't? Then just shut up .

telekineticmantis1332d ago

So I guess you still watch silent films right? Matter-of-fact why have Nintendo put that much effort in it. Since we are using our imagination when it comes to dialogue, why not use our Imagination when it comes to visuals as well. How about nintendo just show us a few pictures for evrry level of the game, and we GUESS what happened right? Wrong, video games, cartoons, comic books, movies, snd the recent push towards virtual reality etc. are all part of trying to evolve entertainment to a more immersive experience, the only reason Zelda is AAA, without voiced dialogue, is because reviewers CHOOSE to only rate a game based on what it TRIES to do. For example, Killzone 2 had pretty generic dialogue(I felt Killzone 3 did much better) but they had such little dialogue in the game, they COULDN'T factor it into the score much, and it rate a 92 overall. So you may not care for dialogue, but most core gamers, want a good story, likeable characters, and enjoyable interractions between characters, if I can take the liberty of making a pretty easy gyess. Not saying a game can't be good without it, but it can be a very forgettable experience with out these things. Because scientifically speaking, humans DO NOT think in words, we think in picture, SOUND, and feeling.

Hold_It1332d ago

I guess you don't remember Spyro The Dragon or Crash Bandicoot. Playstation has plenty of RPGs as a matter of fact they have TONS of JRPGs that's what the Vita is coated in. Nintendo tries to do nothing but sell nostalgia and talk mad $hit like they are the best around and it's pretty funny. They are doing worse than Sega did with the Dreamcast, and keep proving that the stigma/stereotype that they are only for children proves to be true.

Sure they have backwards compatibility this gen, they have a blatant copy of Skylanders called Amibo. Sure they have a terrible network infastructure, and little to no dlc support and over priced marketing techniques but they lack variety. If Nintendo would just improve the variety of genres on their system and actually care about their hardware that goes into their machine and target more than just the average 13 year old they would be a lot better off.

Nintendo should
-Improve their infrastructure
-Improve their hardware (It's 2014 and you have no Ethernet port integrated or dedicated to your console)

-Allow people to buy gamepads if they wish (Can only get a new one if you call them when yours breaks)

-Improve support for Wii U Pro Controller for those who don't like the tablet controller

- Allow HDD to be upgraded without having to buy an external

- There aren't any true hardcore JRPG's on the console so get some for it.

- Stop making shovelware products/games

The reason I don't care for Nintendo is for all I have listed, and the fact that their games are way too easy and only encourage people to buy their games for nostalgia and simplicity. Nintendo has become a extremely casual gamer company and I refuse to play games made by them that are solely for casuals. I didn't purchase my PS4, or Vita, or 3DS, or Dreamcast, N64, PS3, Gamecube to play games with a learning curve as low as Angry Birds.

Big_Game_Hunters1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

"so you still watch silent films" yes i do , matter of fact The Artist( a silent film) was the best Film of 2011, easily...

Zelda may not have words but itdefinitely has sound and feeling as you say, if you knew anything about good cinema, which you cleary don't, you would get that silent characters done right is such a beautiful thing. Skyward Sword's charm and humor are on par with old pixar.

We aren't using our imagination when it comes to dialogue, Nintendo is a master at using sounds and music to establish a mood and what a character is feeling. see Fantasia, see most pixar or disney's shorts, see any sergio leone movie.

Nintendo has a lot to improve on... but the quality and innovation of their games is not one of them.

telekineticmantis1332d ago

@ Big_Game_Hunters

LMAO! But OF COURSE you watch silent film right? Just so happens you are a Nintendo enthusiast, and a HUGE silent film consumer right? Lol. Man the wonders of google. Oh, oh, let me try... Welp turns out from 1990 to 2013, ALMOST ALL "best picture" winners, were films with voiced dialogue, you know the way us humans choose to communicate with eachother(lemme guess, you speak in sign language aswell right?). Matter-of-fact 22 out of 23, were voiced dialogue movies, outside of the film you googled, lol. Man you guys would say anything to defend your purchases, I rather VOICE my opinion, instead of being SILENT, and force these companies to release better products.

Metallox1332d ago


Voices aren't something I'm expecting for the next Zelda game for Wii U. Open world give us new possibilities and that's what I want, something more ambitious for Zelda. Putting voices to the characters doesn't necessarily improve quality. I mean, Nintendo can put them, I'll be okay with that, but at the same time I won't care.

remixx1161331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

What are you talking about, we don't acknowledge Nintendo games as new ips? if its new then its new despite fanboy logic. I don't see the last of us as a new IP twice. You're not really making sense, I see Nintendo's incredible quality of games, I was just responding to dudes comment about Sony only having games without gameplay (kinda stupid logic is that).

N4g_null1331d ago

You got a bunch of broken stories, game play and ideas masked by voice overs and tech.

It's like you guys are defending Micheal bay movies and asking for books to be just like them.

If voice over is your biggest problem with zelda then you are not paying attention.

Big_Game_Hunters1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Just because they don't come out frequently doesn't mean they can't be on par with other movies. good silent characters , or the use of silence is an Art form in movies. Do you even know who charlie chaplin is? It saddens me that there are closed minded people like you thar believe if it doesn't have big explosions and voice acting it can't be a good story or better than a story with them.Books have no voice acting, its all our imagination. so why with little exception don't Videogames put out Novel quality stories. Or maybe you don't read much, i wouldn't be surprised

and no i'm not a Nintendo enthusiast, I'm unbiased unlike you, it just so happens that Nintendo makes a lot of my favorite games, it may be foreign concept to you but someone can love somthing without being a fanboy.

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3-4-51332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Letting link speak isn't going to be a good decision for the long term.

* Voice = Audio.

* Audio takes up a lot of extra room on the disc, leaving less for the actual game.

At least in theory I think.

I'd rather there be 20 more music tracks than use that data for a voice.

ChickeyCantor1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

>At least in theory I think.

They can use decoders with acceptable settings. Voices don't need stereo format and they don't need to be written to high output data. Don't forget games like GTA are packed with spoken lines.

Their ingame audio engines also support things like echo, panning, reverb and other effect processors. It's all done on the fly.

Venomousfatman1332d ago

I disagree. I don't think that file size is really the main issue nor is it something that is relevant to the point I'm making in the editorial. I see your point in that the game would be a bigger size on a disk, but games like Mass Effect have a ridiculous amount of VO lines and still manage to be a great gaming experience, regardless of how big the game may be. The VO in the game added to the total cinematic experience and helped enhance the storytelling. Its something that Zelda can greatly benefit from. You can even still have more tracks on top of the VO for characters, again Mass Effect had the same thing.

3-4-51331d ago

True. Good Point. I'd still rather him silent though. Just my personal preferences.

The sounds he makes are enough to clue you in on whats happening around him and how he's reacting to it.

The Voice acting WILL BE CHEESY/CORNY..........

CaptainN1332d ago

Um, they gave Mario a voice and it worked out perfect....they gave Samus a voice and there was major uproar.

But OtakuDJK1NG is right, you clearly dont understand why Link doesnt let me explain it.

Link doesnt speak because you the player are Link. Hence why you can change his name to anything you want. His "voice" is your voice. If he was to be given a voice, it would then make him separated from the player playing the game. It is intentionally kept this way so the player feels like they are the hero !!

And lets be honest, do we want another Link to sound like the one from the cartoon series??

"Well excuse me princess" is something that is imbedded into many gamers brains forever !!

But,as for all the other characters...they could be voiced with little damage to the series. Link must stay silent.

wonderfulmonkeyman1332d ago

Enjoy your trip to one bubble.

Link had a voice once.
Now we pretend he never did because we don't want to remember how horrible it was.

Besides, there's good reason behind Link's silence.
This isn't like a silent film, where the narration is needed; it's a stylistic choice meant to increase immersion, and to match up to his name, as he is a "link" between the player and the world of Hyrule.
I happen to like it as-is, personally, because it gives me the time to catch everything that's being said without any awkward pauses in voice dialogue to worry about.

randomass1711332d ago

Why should Link talk? Silent protagonists aren't all that bad. I would prefer the other characters to have voice actors but that's just me. Link can stay mute though since I think it creates a good storytelling dynamic.

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Venomousfatman1332d ago

Yes. It can help the series evolve into something even greater. The series deserves to have that happen. VO won't harm the experience.

Are_The_MaDNess1332d ago

not having real voices is ALOT of the charm of a Zelda game. it will just not be Zelda anymore with voices on all characters, esp the main once that is across more than one game.

ofc characters like Midna and Fi is a fair way to do this tho.

but voices on Zelda or Link will not happen at all as its such a huge part of a Zelda game and how it looks and feels.

N4g_null1332d ago

No one would agree on the voice because the beat of not having a voice over means your imagination supplies the mannerisms. Plus what happened to using your own imagination? Do you have one?

Chrischi19881332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Some people really dont think around the first corner or just want to destroy a franchise for fun. There is a reason, why many people prefer books over watching movies, same thing happens with Zelda. Your imagination will do the rest and at its best, no dumb voice acting could increase that appeal. Of course to understand something like this, you need to read a book first, one with a story you might like, not some dumb story from school.

wonderfulmonkeyman1332d ago

Having a voice wouldn't make the series "evolve into something better".
That's just delusional.

Having more innovative dungeons to explore, items to use, and a deeper storyline that actually gives Link some much-needed romantic progress would be the better options for making the series evolve into something more.
Perhaps the next 3 Zelda games could be done as a series with each story inter-"linked".
It would be a real first for the series, because honestly, the closest we've gotten is OOT and MM, but even their storylines weren't as closely tied as they could have been.
Having a trilogy of games that continue through into one long storyline would be a grand undertaking for the story direction of the Zelda series, and if they do it right then it could be an outstanding achievement.

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contradictory1332d ago

opinions: we all have them.
i honestly don't want VA for Link

qwerty6761332d ago

no have link stay silent

however everyone else in the zelda universe desperately needs voices, its way past the time to make that happen.

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