What Could Make Multiplayer Better? – Dragon Age: Inquisition

The multiplayer for Dragon Age Inquisition is totally worth your time but it could be better. Unlocking new skills and developing your character is very addictive in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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qwerty6761394d ago

i havent tried the multiplayer

kinda disappointed you have to start a whole new character though.

i wish you could play your single player character online with people.

slinky1234561394d ago

It's really different though. You level and get different stuff for it and you use different classes and level each one individually. Your sp character wouldn't fit really.

King-u-mad1394d ago

I was hoping their multiplayer had a White Knight Chronicles approach. Was bummed out when I saw how it actually was. Grant it it's still fun. I just wanted more of a connection to it rather than something you just hop on and have fun.

Avernus1394d ago

I tried the MP a couple times. Not as fun as ME3's MP. The grind is WAY too much for a simple "pass the time" style of MP.

You can buy chests with real money of course. They should increase the amount of gold pickups you get in missions IMO, it's simply not enough to keep me coming back for more without feeling like I'm grinding.

maniacmayhem1394d ago

Interesting, I am playing DA:I now and I never even thought to touch the multiplayer because I am so involved in the single player right now. But after watching this video it looks extremely fun.

King-u-mad1394d ago

nah, stick to dat single player. SP>>>>>>> >>>MP by a long shot.