Halo TMCC and GTA V Cyber Monday 2014: Finding The Best Deals

Techtorial: Here are the top spots to get Halo The Master Chief Collection and Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 / Xbox One) this Cyber Monday.

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crazychris41241330d ago

Im hoping for a sale on GTA 5 for the Xbox 1. Just dont see the game worth another $60. 1st person mode and the other enhancements look amazing just not another $60 amazing. Already bought the game at launch for the 360 at full price, didnt even finish the story and put only 15-20 hours into the multiplayer.

objdadon1330d ago

I'm hoping for sunset overdrive, kicking myself for not pulling the trigger when Amazon had it for 37.99 lol!

crazychris41241330d ago

Dont worry it should be on sale again before the end of the year.

1329d ago