5 reasons why Kinect for Xbox One should be top of your Christmas list

Neil writes "Christmas is coming and there’s one present that should be right at the very top of your Xmas list….Kinect for Xbox One."

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showtimefolks1329d ago

Lol no reason at all man, it's a good device but is quite useless for $100

Gimmick is all it is

xHeavYx1329d ago

It all made sense when I saw the website name.

darthv721329d ago expect them to say the ps4 camera instead?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

People actually want the Kinect? Really?

It's how much?

So aside from games like Just Dance and Xbox Fitness, Microsoft wants people to spend $129 to turn on the Xbox One console with Voice Commands?

Septic1329d ago

Let's see you Twitch stream with a video feed of yourself without Kinect.

Yes the voice commands are a reason why mate is looking for the Xbox One kinect bundle. It's not so hard to believe once, you know, you've actually used the thing.

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shloobmm31329d ago

The kinect is a fantastic piece of hardware that unfortunately gets bashed by too many people who have never used it.

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All the Kinect does is sign me in when I turn on my Xbox. I hope Microsoft adds English options for all regions so we can use the voice commands which are great by the way.

Sonital1329d ago

It's definitely made a difference for me in navigating with voice, xbox record that, self sign in and Xbox On but has it made £129.99 worth of difference?

Not yet.


That's what I'm trying to say voice commands doesn't even work in Sweden unless you change the region.

TheSaint1329d ago

Doesn't it have auto sign in?

The PS4 you can set your primary account and it just signs in every time you turn it on.


You can auto sign-in to an account every time but I have it set to log in with bio-metric data from the Kinect wich is good if you have multiple accounts.

gazgriff2k121329d ago

1. no
2. no
3. no!
4. hell no
5. just no

bumnut1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Not very convincing, 3 of the 5 reasons are different dance games.
No mention of kinect sports? Thats all I use my Kinect for.

Gamer19821329d ago

But its incompatible with my ps4 :(..

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