11 Reasons Gaming Was Better When You Were Younger

The latest generation of gaming consoles offer a plethora of modern tricks and features – some stuff you can’t believe you ever lived without. Life wasn’t always this way of course, but was it really all that bad?

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Beastador1394d ago

Gaming was more fun 10 years ago in some ways because nobody cared about graphics, it was all about gameplay and having fun.

Tapani1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Gaming was more fun 25 years ago, because games were much better, hardcore and underground. Now it's just like Hollywood.

sonic9891393d ago

Completely agrees with you back in the it would mean something if you are a gamer now games are pretty much an interactive movies with just one purpose keep your gun loaded at all times I really miss the old days but still there are some cool games like rayman , sly cooper and nintendo games plus some sony games like lbp ico and shadow of the colossus

kneon1393d ago

I've been gaming since the dawn of time, I remember pumping quarters into those first Pong machines, and gaming has never been better.

Those ancient games were for the most part just games, they rarely had any real story or meaningful characters. Those are what makes a game an experience rather than just a way to pass the time.

WeAreLegion1393d ago

Nobody cared about graphics? Where were you?!?

ChronoJoe1393d ago

Yeah, seriously. What rock did you live under? The 16 bit console war just as focused on graphical comparison as it is today. Even the manufacturers used to coin terms like 'blast processing' (Sega genesis) to refer to how to their systems produced better graphics than the competition.

bennissimo1393d ago

I mean, Legend of the Mystical Ninja was one of the best SNES games ever... but the likelihood of that game being made in today's market is very low. Game devs used to have more freedom to take risks, and here's hoping that we'll get to a point where they can do that again.

billybehr1393d ago

Isn't that what a lot of indie developers do? (taking risks)
*I'm not trying to be a jerk

livedeht1393d ago

@beast, lol you obviously were not around back then...genesis does what Nintendont, blast processing, intellivision sports games vs Atari sports games...the companys themselves were duking it out...where do u think this started ?!

Enyxodin1393d ago

Haha that is so wrong! I am getting tired of that according to you for example half-life 2 is a bad game because that game had the best graphics on market. The reason for ganes being so much worse is because of the publishers sucking money out of consumers buying cod and assassins creed every year and it is those games that is destroying the gaming market...because they do not need to iterate or make a new fresh ip cause they make money anyway!

3-4-51392d ago

* Level design was better

* Music was better as it was of many various genres and not just 2-3.

* Unique Sound Sources for games as opposed to everyone using an orchestra which = most games sounding too similar.

* More options for the gamers to play and increase replay value. All that stuff is now DLC.

dcj05241392d ago

Gaming was more fun 40 years ago. Tennis for 2 is all I need.

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kalkano1394d ago

Huh. I didn't expect there to be real reasons on this list. I thought it was just going to be another "dude, it's just nostalgia" article.

I have a problem with #5...
He played Shining Force EXA. Eww.

mydyingparadiselost1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I played it too. My therapy continues to this day...

GoPanthers9991393d ago

Good article. I would have added that games, for the most part, were tested before release and did not require constant patches and fixes.

bennissimo1393d ago

The code was also a lot simpler, to be fair.

TRD4L1fe1393d ago

when games were all about having fun and being challanging. Now if a game isn't 1080p it sucks.....

livedeht1393d ago

@TRD, no just the version that isn't 1080p sucks...why would ANYONE buy an inferior version is beyond me. Don't give me the old "xbox live is better then psn" BS, last gen I would agree however psn has leapfrogged xbox live with 100million consoles connected, PSnow (overpriced but technically impressive), remoteplay, and the most next-generation feature on ANY game system (including PC) SHAREPLAY !, if u haven't tried shareplay please do yourself a favor, it is awesome ! Hopefully it catches on so MS implements a similar feature, it is the main thing I miss on my Xbox Juan...and don't give me " on xbox u can share gamer tags to share games", ps3 and 4 does that. It truly is not the same

TRD4L1fe1393d ago

I still believe the XB1 is an overall better entertainment device, and thats everything from the TV aspect to the NFL intergration and yes xbox live. Its great that your games run at 1080p but that resolution argument doesnt mean anything to me. Not once in my life nor will I ever play a game and in the middle of a fight wonder what resolution is that tree in. its just completely dumb for "gamers" to worry more about that than anything else. Lucky for me I have a friend with a ps4 and I agree shareplay is pretty boss but there isnt anything else on the ps4 that makes me wanna spend my money on it. I still think XB1 is a better console for me and my family.

metalhead1393d ago

You know I can really attest to this. Although at the age of 24, I could never experience the NES in all of its glory, but I can easily remember back to my Genesis and SNES days Beating Super Mario World, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 2, and Donkey Kong Country countless times with friends. When the PS1 came out it was life-changing for me with the Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Series. The PS2 should just be it's own generation because it's something that probably will never be repeated again. It was a time before DLC, before run-of-the-mill yearly shooters. Back when gaming didn't require you to pay more to get the full experience. The glory days and I will always cherish those.

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