Will Sony Blow Consumers Away With Their Pending Vegas Showcase

Sony is making an unsual move in having a Vegas showcase a few weeks ahead of their C.E.S. showcase. Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece looking at what some of the moves that Sony will be making and expect them to announce a series of new games, tech, and bundles.

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Thatguy-3101243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Let's just remember that this event is for the consumer and it's somewhat of an appreciation get together for the ps community. We'll see some big announcements here and there but to expect an e3/gamescom showing is asking for a little to much. The ones that will truly benefit the most are the people attending since they'll get a chance to go hands on with material that's releasing next year. I'm just hoping the overall experience is good.

I really only want to go to buy some of the merchandise that they'll be selling. Hoping that it's good!!

DarkOcelet1243d ago

Honestly , E3 kinda paled in comparison to gamescom so i am getting my hopes up that this will be one hell of a show.

thorstein1243d ago

I bet Telltale Games Game of Thrones will be one of those "Available Right Now On the PS Store" announcements.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1243d ago

consumers over the age 18 that is.

llxKonanxll1243d ago

I hope there will be a couple of big game announcements.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1243d ago

Hopefully there will be new gameplay trailers from games like Uncharted 4, Gran Turismo 7, Persona 5, and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. Introducing new IP's is also a must for this event. If we see the same trailers and games from E3 it will be a massive disappointment.

OB1Biker1243d ago

On the link they keep tweeting it says 'experience' new unreleased games (including U4,Batman). I just wonder if that means demo

DigitalRaptor1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

I'm expecting 2-3 big AAA game announcements, several smaller indie game debuts, and new gameplay/trailers for some of the already announced games coming next year. Expecting some service/feature announcements too. Any more than that is asking for disappointment. If they provide more, then all the better.

The rest of the value of the event comes from being there and getting to experience the developer panels, showing a unique insight into how these developers do what they do best.

None of this HAS to blow people away, but get them excited for what's coming next for PlayStation, and keep the momentum at a high going into christmas and the new year. However, there's a good chance that Uncharted 4 gameplay will blow people away in itself.

OUROSMAG1243d ago

I maintain it is an end of the year shot at drumming up a ton of hype for christmas and 2015. They will have to pull out all the stops.

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The story is too old to be commented.