10 Hilarious Trevor Phillips Moments in GTA 5

Trevor Philips is one of the most famous fictional characters of Grand Theft Auto 5. He is one of the heroes of GTA V, a video game in the GTA franchise published by Rockstar Games. He shows up as one of the three primary heroes, with Michael and Franklin Clinton. He is played by on-screen character Steven Ogg, who gave the voice and movement catch for the character.

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viccrack1359d ago

LOL, he is my favorite character in this game haha

boyi1359d ago

hahaha, awesome post made my day lol

HitmanAssassin1359d ago

He is the most funniest character in the History of GTA Series... LOLz

chrissx1359d ago

I literally laughed hard a lot just because of Trevor. All sorts of crazy

EguidEz1359d ago

that sex video is awesome lol cant wait to play this game on pc lmao

Tex1171359d ago

Trevor was my favorite as well. He was so over the top insane, he cracked me up.