Top 8 Worst Xbox One Games After Launch

Though there’s a ton of games coming to the new consoles, right now it’s arguable that there’s just not enough great gaming content to justify getting a “new gen” console. Is that really true? There are fantastic games available for each system along with terrible games. These games are some of the worst of the worst you’ll find on the Xbox One.

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hammad4121330d ago

No doubt, Lococycle is the worst one

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HeMan761330d ago

Titanfall is a bad game? o_O what the f****?

Starbucks_Fan1330d ago

They just put it in there for clicks lol

ape0071330d ago

Titanfall is perhaps the best new gen game so far (if u excluded gta v and TLOU of course)

medman1330d ago

Put the crack pipe down son. Titanfall was released and forgotten soon thereafter. You don't even hear it mentioned as a potential goty the way you hear about dragon age, shadow of mordor, far cry, south park, etc. etc. How does that equate to best new gen game to you?

Paytaa1330d ago

Titanfall gets such an undeserved amount of flak from people who never played it. Weeks prior to the Halo MCC launch I literally played Titanfall everyday and I never once stopped enjoying it. Plus getting new game modes and such through free updates is a treat. I honestly love Titanfall and really breathed new life into the aging CoD formula. Can't wait for the inevitable sequel.

pumpactionpimp1330d ago

Agreed. I just bought it a few weeks back for $20 on PC. I don't understand why so many people hate it, or complain about it. It's a great shooter, great mechanics, good graphics, and a decent progression system. It's not groundbreaking, and it can get old, but can't the same be said about almost any fps online game?

Paytaa1330d ago

@pumpactionpimp I'm willing to bet Titanfall wouldn't be nearly as hated if it were on PS4. Does Titanfall lack the longevity of games like Halo, CoD, Gears, and Battlefield? Most definitely but at its core it's one hell of a fun FPS. I haven't touched a CoD since probably 2011 and I can say first-hand that Titanfall really changed the game and got me to enjoy that type of gameplay again.

Septic1330d ago

God I wish Titanfall was available on PS4 too. Then it wouldn't get so much needless hate. Such a great game mired in politics.

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Neonridr1330d ago

Weird that the title is the Worst Xbox One games, however #5 and #2 speak more specifically about the PS4 version.

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OpieWinston1330d ago

I'm sorry? After launch?

Titanfall only got better and better.
They added Private matches
Recently added Co-op survival
Added new MP modes
Cheap Season Pass with lots of maps

I hate how peoples go to for "Worst game of 2014" is usually Titanfall when most of the people don't like FPS to begin with.

spicelicka1330d ago

Plus it's like $25 bucks now easily. If it was still $60 you could maybe argue its value, but for $25 you're getting one of the best multiplayer games of the year. It's so mcuh fun.

Dudebro901330d ago

If you have hold the deluxe version is going for $13.

lemoncake1330d ago

Yeah post launch titanfall has improved a lot, I got back into it after the special offer on the dlc recently and its so much better now. If you got an X1 recently it should be an instant buy especially since it's selling for a super low price atm

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