Halo: The Master Chief Collection Patch Causes Complaints, Reportedly Wiping Out Campaign Progress

CraveOnline: "A 523MB patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection was released yesterday, with developer 343 Industries looking to rectify a number of problems the game’s online component is experiencing. However, according to players on the official Halo forums, the patch has done little to resolve these issues."

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JonnyBigBoss1325d ago

I don't understand why 343 is having so many problems. Good god.

qwerty6761325d ago

well you have to realize,

halo problems is the thing to write about to get clicks. his sources are a bunch of people on the forums, could mean only a select few have this problems. but people will read this and interpret as a huge broken problem effective tons of people

Naga1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

There's still some merit to the claim, though.

I haven't experience any campaign issues, and the latest patch has definitely resulted in far more positive than it has negative. But that is not to say that it hasn't created new problems, because it has. In my case, the matchmaking times have been dramatically improved; long gone are those ridiculous delays, and continuity has been significantly improved.

However, I've been consistently dropped from multiplayer matches within the final minutes of the game about 80% of the time. It's a new development that came with the latest patch, and it's been frustrating beyond the capacity of mere words to describe. The patch is a definite net-positive development, but it's still a problematic partial solution to an ongoing problem.

I'm not going to grab my torch and pitchfork and demand blood like others, but 343i needs to get this fixed. I'm a very patient person, and I understand the implicit difficulty of delivering a combination of four (or five) distinct multiplayer experiences, but my tolerance is wearing thin.

Blues Cowboy1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

@Naga: It's nice to see someone else with actual experience of the MCC getting involved and actually giving a proper balanced assessment. Like you I've found the patch a huge net positive in terms of matchmaking time, but there's still some work to be done to sort out some really aggravating workflow/stability problems and bugs.

The problem with articles like this is that they trawl forums and Twitter for hit-worthy bites, but where's the first-hand testing? Where's the research? Without this bare minimum of fact-checking, I'd take this with a huge pinch of salt.

I'm not letting 343 off the hook. The game was broken and they need to put in more work to fix it. BUT I'm also pleased with my purchase and am enjoying the multiplayer after crushing the campaigns.

Farmassy1325d ago

I think Quicktim3 has the right idea. I can't speak for everybody but I can say that my issues with the game have been resolved. I have been playing all day and I never had any problems getting back to back games.

I had to completely stop trying to play multiplayer when I originally got the game because it was so frustrating. It took a couple weeks but its working really great now. The game is amazing. It is so much fun to go back and play the old games. Jumping from halo to halo is a blast

sd111324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I suddenly found myself being put from the end of campaign 3 in halo 2 to the start of campaign 2 after the update. Another weird thing now is that if I save and quit my mission before completing the level I am put back to the start of that level. But I am not that annoyed, still a great deal and great games.

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Gamerbeyond1325d ago

its easier to just blame microsoft.

radler1325d ago

343 are having so many problems because they're incompetent and seem to be determined to kill the Halo franchise.

Honestly, the best thing that Microsoft can do at this point is shut the studio down and start fresh with a new team (as in, nobody from 343) to take the reigns of Halo before it's too late.

Everybody that loves Halo hates what 343 is doing ever since they were put in charge. It started with their handling of Reach once Bungie left, continued with Halo 4's COD-wannabe imitation and now the complete mess that is MCC. 343 is full of idiots and the sooner Phil Spencer sacks them, the better.

CorndogBurglar1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Lets be fair. 343 only made 2 map packs for Halo: Reach. Most of the complaints about Halo: Reach were about other things. Things that Bungie had done, considering they are the ones that really made Reach.

However, I do agree with you. They have made a mess of Halo. I liked Halo 4's campaign, but its PvP was complete garbage and was just trying to benefit from other franchises like CoD and Battlefield, which is a shame because Halo is one of the only FPS games that were truly based around being competitive and not giving any players an advantage. Halo was always hailed as having a great PvP, one of the best in fact, so I'll never understand why 343 felt they needed to change the formula when it was clearly working fine.

Now these problems with makes me worry for Halo 5.

I don't have an Xbox, but I love Halo and I know it is only a matter of time before I get an Xbox and catch up with these games, so I definitely have an eye on whats going on.

pelida1325d ago

cause they are 343 and NOT Bungie

Magicite1324d ago

Before leaving, Bungie left a curse on Halo, 343i now will be doomed forever *evil laugh*

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MSBAUSTX1325d ago

343 released a statement saying that a lot data would be lost on our ends. They warned this might happen. At the least this shouldnt have been a surprise. It isnt a big deal anyway since you can jump into any chapter in any campaign you want. Game is still amazing and super fun.

CorndogBurglar1325d ago

Telling people it might happen ahead of time doesn't make it any better.

MSBAUSTX1325d ago

Really? Would you rather they said nothing and then you just found out when you logged in? Come on dude be realistic. They warned everyone this might happen. Get over it.

Illusive_Man1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Working fine for me. Matches are created quickly. Do people just like to complain?

@Killzoner99 actually they've been getting a lot of things right. It's just people like you keep perpetuating the idea that the game is completely broken (which it is not), issues are unfixable (which is untrue), and that you shouldn't buy it (No, you should really buy it if you have an Xbox One).

Yea the game can't catch a break FROM certain people who never wanted the game to do well.

Killzoner991325d ago

Wow , they can't seem to get anything right with this game. The news just keeps getting worse and worse. At this point Microsoft should just offer refunds and be done with it.

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Septic1325d ago

The news is getting better and better contrary to what your repeated attempts on Halo related articles say. It's far more stable online now. Minus some issues, you can enjoy the game now. ;)

Fizzler1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

A brief look through your comment history shows that you were defending Driveclub to the death despite it being completely broken, how can someone be so much of a blatant hypocrite?

Svinya1325d ago

How are you still not marked as trolling??

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Blues Cowboy1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I'm currently finding matchmaking times to be hugely improved post-patch... BUT there are odd new problems that can stop matchmade players from entering a game, such as being kicked into a weird pseudo-party lobby or maps failing to load. It's a net positive from my experience, and I'm actually playing a ton of MCC online, but there's a difference between "better" and "fixed." We need "fixed."

No complaints on the campaign side of things, on my end.

EDIT: Naga has the right of it above.

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