Alien: Isolation Review - Running Scared | Awesome Games

Joe from Awesome Games writes: 'If you only take one thing from this review let it be this – the Alien is a bastard.

You’ll shout, you’ll cry, you’ll invent all-new profanities just to belt at the screen as the scaly-skinned nightmare drops from a ceiling vent and chews your face off just as you get near a save point. If ever there was a game capable of making you throw the controller at your TV screen, it’s this one.'

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pelida1355d ago

All of we loved this game!

Human Analog1355d ago

Great game. Don't let the negative reviews from IGN sway you. If you notice, they are back pedaling now. This review is a great frame of reference.

sorceror1711354d ago

Glad I grabbed it from the Humble store deal. It's really well done. And yes, they really did make the alien scary. Tense enough that I'm taking it in relatively short doses.