Gamecube games x HD: how a look at the past could help Nintendo’s future

Everyone loves them some Nintendo, and seeing their Wii U drag its heels through the console race stings right in the pulse maker, so [The Metropolist] put our thoughts to paper - well, a Toshiba laptop- on how to inspire an amazing comeback for the big N.

Windwaker HD saw the Wii U get a renewed burst of life, and given that it only took six months to get out the door - more Gamecube remakes seem like a bit of a no brainer. These are the Gamecube games we believe should get brought back from the grave in the form of HD remakes and maybe even a fancy 'Gamecube Classics' cover redesign - picture it now. While there have been many amazing consoles over the years, the Gamecube always had a special place in our hearts. It had a handle, people!

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