Ubisoft apologies for Assassin’s Creed Unity bugs and gifts

Yannis Mallet, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto, has signed an intervention on the official Assassin’s Creed Unity, which announced an initiative aimed at all those who bought the title for the PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Statement begins with an assumption of responsibility by the development team, about the problems that characterized the game since the day of its debut.

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ritsuka6661274d ago

Ubisoft is a joke of company.

masa20091274d ago

Brothers launched a company in 1986 which is now the highest rated publisher worldwide on Metacritic, cuts the fewest jobs among the major Western publishers, has studios in nearly 20 countries,owns the most popular action-adventure franchise in the world, has purchased a special effects studio and is starting a movie division, has a major mobile game publisher for sister company, and a major peripheral maker as another sister company. What's your success story?

Donjune1274d ago

You my friend, nailed it!

averagejoe261274d ago

Yet, they can't put out a working video game.

Blues Cowboy1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

They're going through a serious funk right now. A year ago everyone was singing their praises for taking punts on risky games like Rayman Origins/Legends, Valiant Hearts etc, while putting gamers front and centre at E3. They've done some amazing good for this industry for many years, at least, so long as we're not talking about PC games.

Sadly, the last few months have been pretty shocking - and they totally deserve the bad press they've been getting. I just hope that it shocks them into pulling their socks back up.

Oh, and inb4 "Ubisoft are the worst company evar!!1!". No they are not. Arms dealers, drug testers, blood diamond sellers, debt collectors, loan companies and multinational banks are probably up there.

Then again, I didn't buy Assassin's Creed Unity, because I don't pre-order things until I know they work. So that's where I'm coming from - I have no money down.

starchild1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )


See, this is the kind of BS that makes it obvious that a lot of people are just riding a hate train. People can't even be honest about things.

AC Unity launched as the glitchiest AC game in series history and I sent my criticisms directly to Ubisoft and made them known in their forums as well. But all this talk about the game being "an unplayable mess" or a "broken game" are just nothing but lies and hyperbole.

I own the PC version and I've played the PS4 version. Neither of those versions are anything close to "broken". My friend played through the PS4 version just fine and he says it is his second favorite game in the series. I've played through it perfectly fine on PC and it is one of the best games I've played this year.

So even AC Unity is a "working video game". But to claim that Ubisoft "can't put a out a working video game" in general is blatantly false and really shows just how biased and agenda-driven some of you are. Ubisoft has released a large amount of critically acclaimed and financially successful games. If none of their games worked I highly doubt they would have been so favorably scored by reviewers and bought in such numbers by gamers.

Here are some of Ubisoft's fairly recent games:
Prince of Persia
Rayman Origins
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Far Cry 3
South Park Stick of Truth
AC4 Black Flag
Rayman Legends
Child of Light
AC: Unity
Far Cry 4

All of those games scored decently well to extremely well and were enjoyed by millions of gamers. Most Ubisoft games I have personally played have run perfectly on my PC. The couple I had "issues" with still ran fine on my PC and were perfectly playable and enjoyable, it's just that I had to cap and play them at 30fps instead of 60fps (which is hardly the end of the world). So your claim that all Ubisoft games are unworkable messes is pure poppycock.

I'm not saying that AC Unity is perfect or that Ubisoft is perfect. What I'm trying to do is give a little 'perspective'. This is a problem in the gaming community in general: some people lack perspective and they tend to exaggerate and twist things to ridiculous degrees. All these hate trains and negative bandwagons we get in gaming do nobody any favors. Sensible, balanced criticisms can be taken seriously and will be more likely to result in improvements and positive change.

Sketchy_Galore1274d ago

I think there's a certain degree of success in never purposefully misleading consumers about a product you're selling, or in never releasing an unfinished borderline broken product at full price and using shady business practices to keep reviews of your product from being posted until those you've suckered in with your dishonest advertisement have had a chance to buy their copy. It sort of depends how you define success but to me I'd consider a humble honest street sweeper a lot more successful than a lying weasel at the head of a multi-billion dollar business empire.

Rob72741274d ago

@ Sketchy_Galore

Perfect response.
Assasins Creed 3 download content was broken aswell. They decided it wasn't worth fixing and it's still on the Playstation store.

LamerTamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

So that gives them a free pass to release unfinished rushed out junk? Their games would be unplayable for anyone without an internet connection to constantly download fixes for their buggy games. They have some good games but their QC is dreadful. And it is not just them I will admit that. It seems most all publishers have adopted the "rush out now unfinished, fix later" model.

Ubugsoft does some real dodgy things. Everything from review embargoes, bullshots and E3 videos that look nothing like the final game, to games so broken, incomplete and buggy that it basically requires you to download the whole game digitally in the form of patches even if you bought the disc. Why apologize for them when they do things like that?

What is my success story? Well I am an individual not a huge multi billion dollar multinational corporation. Hardly a comparison but if my work product was as broken and shoddy as their stuff I would be fired instantly.

kurruptor1274d ago

No one said their past accomplishments make a buggy game acceptable. But one bugged game in a long history of success certainly doesn't make them a joke of a company.

averagejoe261273d ago


Wonderful for you. I couldn't get past the main menu. You know what they told me? I had to erase all of my friends off of my friends list to get the game to pass the main menu.

Then, I can't even remember how many times my character fell through the map, had missing faces and sound effects, and dropped frame rates.

So before you talk, do a little research. Yea, they released a broken game.

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ramiuk11274d ago

they have given gamers more sorry gifts that EA has ever given people in the amount of years they been shafting gamers,so they deserve a bit if credit back.

i just want it fixed so i can buy it preowned

Deividas1274d ago

You guys do realize how many games Ubisoft puts out that are great right?...With all those games, there are bound to be few missed targets. But overall Ubisoft consistently puts out good/great games that are really enjoyable and diverse. Far from a joke of a company my friend.

Meltic1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Why so many damn disagrees? Hes right. It hasnt Always been a bad Company but since their newest games has been failed totally i feel like they dont take this seriously anymore. Far cry 4 is very good. I can give them a + for that thank god but AC unity and Watch dogs was a mess for sure. Next time they can meaby release less games and focus on 1-2 good games and not 4... I really hope they dont screw up the division. I live just a couple of blocks from where the Company are here in sweden (malmo and sometimes when i walk by i can really see them going out and in all the time with food so they are stressed.

3-4-51273d ago

I apologize to myself for letting myself get suckered into buying this game.

Luckily after 7 days it retained $43 worth of value at Gamestop so I bought PES 2015 instead....Enjoying it much more.

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MasterCornholio1274d ago

Games a mess.

Ubisoft should be ashamed of themselves.

And those people who claimed the game was problem free they should be ashamed of themselves as well because even Ubisoft admits that the game had issues.

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fanboysmackdown1274d ago

Wow, got some real life Ubisoft spin doctors right here on this post. You guys getting paid to prop up Ubeshafted? I could give a shit if Ubeshit owns half the world, they put out an embarrassing mess of a game and it should have never left their office. And just to make you feel better datinus, I don't buy their sequel to the sequel to the sequel games anymore.

bigboss201274d ago

This game is a sad excuse...what ever happened to a bit of quality control..

dreamed1274d ago

Every game ubisoft have made since original xbox have been broken at launch.

every & i mean EVERY tom clancy game was & still are broken,do they really think we're gonna swallow there corporate schpeel....yeah whatever just wait for the'll be a buggy mess fact!.

ubi lost all there talent after splinter cell chaos theory imo....splinter cell hasnt been the same since,its just another tactical game dumb down for the cod masses who never even buy it anyway.

But ubi will be ubi i suppose,and as usual never listen.

starchild1274d ago

Simply not true. I was playing Splinter Cell Blacklist just the other day on my PC and it runs at a rock solid 60fps. Perfectly smooth, no issues whatsoever. I've played other Tom Clancy games in the past on my PC and none of them were broken either.

Oh, and Blacklist is the best game in the series for me. It took everything I loved from Chaos Theory, a few good ideas from Conviction, and some really good new stuff which all added up to the funnest, most tactical and strategic stealth gameplay in the series.

LamerTamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yeah after how many gigs of patches?

Try playing any of their releases out of the box.

I have many Ubugsoft games and they are decent overall but their QC system is the pits, basically all their paying customers become beta testers.

dreamed1265d ago

How come most pc players moan about uplay then??...dont know what your smoking but clancy games are famous for being buggy messes on console.

ps blacklist is crap the fact its dead says it all.

chaos was/is the best vs ever made,blacklist just put the nail in the coffin imo,along with loads of others opinions from the sc forum.

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