PlayStation Experience: 5 Big Reveals That Could Happen At Sony's Grand Event

Sony is looking to end the year with a bang with its upcoming mega event, the PlayStation Experience. The event promises to hold several developer panels, key notes, playable demos of upcoming AAA titles along with some big announcements.

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Nekroo911115d ago

Please London Studios make a new The Getaway game.

Omran1115d ago

I agree with you, or 8 days

zeee1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I'd love to see a new Wipeout game which heavily uses project morpheus.

I also bet that we'll get to see more of project morph! Perhaps a releasedate followed by price at e3?

PoSTedUP1115d ago

man, we've been saying this for years now. im still betting my marbles on it.

OB1Biker1115d ago

Nearly clicked on that one .. phew

Gamerbeyond1115d ago

i played killzone shadowfall just to get excited about guerilla games.

sprinterboy1115d ago

I wonder if last guardian is ready to show, I think guerilla games new up horizon is a sure bet for a reveal

Sora781115d ago

Yeah, or maybe :

Probably :

Media Molecule’s new ip
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Ratchet & Clank
David jaffe's new IP
Bend studio's new IP
The order 1886
The tomorrow Children
Street Fighter V
Square enix's new RPG
No Man's Sky (finally exclusive to PS4)
Without Memory

I hope for :
Crash Bandicoot
Kingdom Hearts 3
Jak & Daxter Reboot + movie in 2017


Meanwhile, I wait with LBP 3 and Pokemon Omega Ruby =)

PoSTedUP1115d ago

gravity rush 2 is what i expect to be a killer app. here, add it to your list : ).

Neixus1115d ago

Only thing that's likely in your ''hope list'' is WiLD, to be honest..

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The story is too old to be commented.