PS4 Gets Kingdom Under Fire II In Summer 2015, At Least In Korea

KUFII will release for PlayStation 4 in Summer 2015, at least in Korea. Still no word about PC and Western release dates, though.

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Aurenar1398d ago

Better late than never ...

Imp0ssibl31398d ago

Never words have been more appropriate, this game has been in development since 2008. I just hope it releases here in 2015 as well, there is nothing like this game

LavaLampGoo1398d ago

KUF has quite an entertaining game, be interested in a next gen sequel, assuming I get the chance to play it...

Mostafeto1398d ago

I think that once it is released in Korea it won't be long and they will release it everywhere

Alexious1398d ago

I really hope so, I've been dying to play this game for years.

Viryu1398d ago

I'm... skeptical about this. Blade and Soul release in Korea over 2 years ago, and still haven't seen a release outside of Asia. Then again, this is gonna be a console release, so there's still chance.

spicelicka1398d ago

This is game is gonna come out when half life 3 comes out.

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