MWEB GameZone interviews WTFast about their gaming router

WTFast are one of the silent heroes of the online gaming realm and they're extending their service with a new gaming router. MWEB GameZone chats with CEO and Co-founder Rob Bartlett on the future of WTFast, and what they have to offer for gamers.

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HanCilliers1397d ago

I remember back in the day when I started playing WoW. The laf from SA was terrible - until I used WTFast. Excellent service, expanding that to a router can only mean good things

Sillicur1397d ago

Indeed, I used WTFast to PvP for about 2 years!

SonZeRo1397d ago

WTFast made playing WoW back in the day an much more pleasant experience than without it. I wish WTFast the best of luck with this router.

Sillicur1397d ago

Love those questsions, brilliant interview, a must read