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VideoGamer: "Essential remaster, or cheap cash-in?"

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Akira20201147d ago, while in court the Judge asks me, "Do you have any questions before I sentence you?"
....I replied, "Barry, where's Barry?!?"

PoSTedUP1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

would've been epic if true.
would've gotten 2 years in a psychiatric ward, if true.

i like it.

Akira20201146d ago

"would've gotten 2 years in a psychiatric ward,"...I just got out; me being a master of lock picking and all.

Happy Holidays Mate!

ThatEnglishDude1146d ago

Any news on an exact release date?

dreamed1146d ago

Cheap cash in imo,christ make a proper resi game will ya capcom.

As much as i loved this game im not gonna touch it again for more cash when i got it on gamecube.

Now if it was re-made in the ots view point,i would be all over it but as usual the devs just cant be bothered to even try anymore.

DarkOcelet1146d ago

I didnt play it so this is definitely a must have.