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"At this stage, the underlying game is almost one of the least interesting things about Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Smash (as it shall henceforth be known, for brevity's sake) is a party game in the sense that it is a game that is also a party. It's a celebration of Nintendo; a get-together for stars of past and present to beat seven bells out of one another. Perhaps more significantly, it's a shindig at which we can be assured of having a good time: we know the guest list is strong, we know we'll get to hear some killer tunes. What we're interested in is the finer details. What surprises will our host Masahiro Sakurai have in store for us this time?

And let's spare a thought for Sakurai, because organising this party must be a logistical nightmare by now. What began as a fun little leisure time experiment is now a phenomenally successful series, and expectations are raised accordingly."

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telekineticmantis1332d ago

We don't totally agree on the pitfalls of this game, but the end of and the beginning of the review is true, as long as you don't take this game too seriouly, it's alot of fun. There's a big difference between playing Smash in a party, or a friends house, and owning it.

SonyKong641332d ago

BLASPHEMY, this game is smash brothers perfection! 🎊🙌🎊

3-4-51331d ago

NEAR perfection.

I'd personally give it a 9.5/'s that good.

Only cons are:

* Stage selection could have been better.

* Left out way too many good music tracks from Sonic1,2,3, Kirby & DK Country

Basically all the GOOD/cool/slow chill music tracks that we LOVE......those are all missing somehow.

* Stage Builder needs more options.

- Only 5 backgrounds ? No excuse for not having like 50+. They are pics, they don't take up hardly any room on disc.

Other than that it's amazing.